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Luca Schnetzler Launches Netz Capital. His Investment Firm is Angel Investing in Direct-to-Consumer Brands and Tech Startup

Published on April 07, 2021

Luca Schnetzler is a professional footballer born in Germany. He is currently playing for Hertha BSC as a left-back. Luca Schnetzler has recently launched his investment firm Netz Capital to explore the avenues of angel investment to grow his fortune. Luca Schnetzler realized the hidden potential of angel investing and the huge turnover that it can bring compared to other investment opportunities. He worked on his plan and started an investment firm called Netz Capital.

Netz Capital aims to help promising startups realize their potential and grow into multimillion-dollar companies. The angel investment firm is now focused on tech startups and brands that directly sell to consumers. This is a conscious decision after recognizing the growth potential of these two sectors in the near future and the immense return on investment they can provide.

Considering the booming growth in the digital and technological space, tech startups and companies that sell directly to consumers have a bright future. Startups in the space have the potential for substantial growth to emerge as big corporate players in the future. Technology is transforming businesses and lives. Often most visionary startups lack the funds needed to achieve their mission to bring about a revolutionary change. For them, angel investments act as approvals of their vision and a boost to make change happen.

An angel investor learns about the business plans and strategies of a company to assess its future potential. If the company’s policies and core groundwork have the potential to grow exponentially then the initial investment is provided by the angel investor. These angel investments are carried out under certain terms and conditions. Usually, angel investors provide funds in return for a good portion of company shares or a promised high return on the investment after a certain period.

Netz Capital as an angel investment company assessed the potential of tech startups and has already invested in some of the fastest-growing start-ups like Social Snowball, Chirpish, Steam Commerce, etc. Social Snowball is an affiliate marketing app that helps businesses gain more affiliates to grow. Chirpish is a customer service and support company helping businesses connect better with their clients. Steam Commerce is an e-commerce service provider offering complete solutions to businesses using dropshipping and managing their own inventories to stay ahead of the game.

Netz Capital has also expanded its investment channels with direct-to-consumer brands like Vibe. The demand for consumer products is on the rise due to the immense growth of the healthcare and personal care industry. The additional benefit of direct-to-consumer brands is that the profit margin is not shared by middlemen as the product reaches consumers directly from the manufacturer.

One major downside of angel investments is the risk associated with businesses failing. If businesses in which angel investments are made do not produce expected results or fail, then angel investors are usually forced to take the loss and write off the investment. This makes business growth assessment a crucial factor in angel investments.

Netz Capital is emerging as a prominent angel investment firm with a keen eye for assessing the potential of different startups through its expert planning and deep understanding of various businesses. Netz Capital is setting itself up for more growth in the future to become one of the leading investors by identifying more lucrative avenues for angel investment.

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