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CREDIT: Cotte Darmes NYC. Colors De La Runway

Longtime Fashion Designer Clarence Ruth Launches Colors De La Runway

A coffee table-quality family book

Published on April 30, 2019

Longtime fashion designer and style icon Clarence Ruth has launched a new project that blends together the vibrant worlds of art, education, and fashion for an early-learning experience families can enjoy together. Colors De La Runway Book is the first children’s book of its kind, a unique work that introduces young ones to the boundless range of colors in the rainbow as seen through iconic fashion styles throughout the history of couture.

This coffee table-quality family book is smart, witty, and stylish – a unique learning tool for kids that encourages an appreciation for the thoughtfully blended hues, refined lines, and complex shapes that have graced renowned designers’ sketchbooks over the course of modern fashion.

Colors De La Runway teaches children the colors of the rainbow in both English and French, and parents will enjoy its sophisticated approach during family reading time. Each expressive line drawing illustrates a look from a major designer or brand from the world’s most prestigious runways.

This collection of dynamic clothing sketches in eye-catching hues leaps off the page, captivating and delighting kids and adults who love rich colors, classic patterns, and timeless designs. Add it to your bookshelf, and watch it become an instant favorite of family and guests alike.

The book is currently available for order at MoMa Design Store, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Book Culture and Books A Million. MSRP $18.99. For more information, please visit

SOURCE Cotte Darmes NYC
Senior Writer