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London Based influencer Cosmin Cernica receives commission to design for secret Middle Eastern royalty

Published on October 18, 2019

UK based entrepreneur and social media influencer stuns the men’s fashion accessory world after securing a prestigious private commission from a prominent Middle Eastern based royalty.

Cosmin Cernica. Newport Beach Film Festival UK. Credit: John Phillips

Cosmin Cernica, 26, recently launched a bespoke range of porcelain gold hand painted cufflinks in partnership with the Wagner Arte brand.

Boasting over 80K followers on his Instagram and posting a snap of his emerald inlaid cufflinks caught the attention of a visiting Mile Eastern royalty this summer.

“I was so surprised to receive an email from the private office of a prominent Middle Eastern family, that was asking if I would consider creating a bespoke set of cufflinks to celebrate a forthcoming marriage” – Cosmin reveals.

Cosmin will be heading over to the Middle East this November to discuss the design and to help source the precious stones the client has requested. At the moment we can only guess whether this commission is intended to beat the world record for the most expensive pair of cufflinks, currently valued at $4.2M as Cosmin is bound by an NDA.

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