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Lobbying for the New Economy: Digital Economy Alliance to Help Boost the Quality of Economic Growth in the U.S.

The poor and the middle class don't have enough money. Strengthening the U.S. economy post-pandemic is a priority

Published on June 07, 2021

Digital Economy Alliance announced its initiative to help boost the quality of economic growth in America. The Digital Economy Alliance will support innovative solutions that positively impact society, creating social value and social profit.

“Wealth inequality is one of the most important social-economic issues of our time,” said Tayde Aburto, Founder of the Digital Economy Alliance. “The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of our country across the board and at all levels. The government’s monetary and fiscal programs that saved our economy from collapse are those that lead to the ever-increasing wealth gap. The digital economy is the new driver for growth in America.”

In the U.S., only certain segments of the population are benefiting from the digital economy. Many are left behind from the digital economy because of their age, limited digital literacy, lack of access, or remoteness. The Digital Economy Alliance will advocate for legislation, regulations, government programs, and private initiatives to support a robust domestic IT and Digital Policy that ensures U.S. global leadership. It also advocates for independent contractors, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and families to help them succeed in the digital economy. The organization will support digital entrepreneurship, social business models, 5G network, construction of digitalized infrastructure, improved digital literacy, job creation, energy conservation, emission reduction, digital transformation in manufacturing, digital transformation in public services, rural e-commerce, and more.

Aburto said, “Strengthening the economy is a priority. Imagine an economy that sustainably increases the income of Americans and improves people’s well-being.”

The digital economy favors the adaptability of new and innovative business models that positively impact social issues that shape legal regulations relevant to technical progress and economic growth. Aburto adds, “Inclusivity is essential to building a digital economy that delivers for all, and the Digital Economy Alliance will be working towards that goal.”

To learn more about the Digital Economy Alliance, go to If you are interested in making a donation or becoming a volunteer, click here.

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