Leo Salom’s DJ-set takes Hollywood’s Avalon by storm

The rising star gave a unique performance, bringing positive vibes and a unique attitude to the dance floor

Published on February 28, 2019

Leo Salom’s reputation as an impactful DJ is growing by the minute. With every DJ set, he gains new fans and followers, mesmerized by his ability to combine unique melodies, with stellar arrangements and one-of-a-kind sets.

His most recent appearance at the Avalon in Hollywood is a perfect example of Leo’s talent. The DJ-set was extremely successful. The audience’s response was nothing short of extraordinary, and the dance floor was as busy as ever, with people moving to Leo’s grooves and beats.

The atmosphere was just right: in addition to Leo’s groundbreaking sounds, the mood in the club was spot-on, with the right lighting, and the perfect audience response, which really brought so much electricity to a very special night.

Once again, Leo proved that he really can own the stage with his remarkably engaging sets. More importantly, he has a natural gift for connecting with people, and the audience seems to respond really well to his flow.

If you want to know what the fuss is all about, definitely catch one of Leo’s upcoming DJ sets! You won’t regret it!

Leo Salom is a young DJ and Music Producer from Italy, well known for his electronic, deep and tropical vibes differently read in a jazz key. He began taking interest as a drummer and percussionist and has honed his skill for creating exciting and vibrant electronic music. Founder of the Italian label Regolare Records, Leo is always looking for new inspirational people opened to any creative collaborations.

Senior Writer