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Lena Overcame Health Challenges to Become One of the Most Colorful Fashion Influencers You Have Ever Seen

Published on November 20, 2020

Some people let a sudden health issue become their identity, which leads to them having trouble overcoming it. Others become entirely dedicated to transcending their temporary limitations and achieving something extraordinary. Ukraine-borne fashion influencer Lena decided to go with the latter.

With over four million followers on Instagram, Lena has become an incredibly successful fashion influencer. What first started out as a hobby turned into a full-fledged business for her. It all started when she became sick around 2000. These chronic health problems still affect Lena to some degree today. However, she decided that she would not let that stand in the way of her brightening up the world with colorful vibrance in a way that came naturally to her.

Yes, Lena is incredibly successful today, with millions of fans looking forward to the next vibrant reveal she has to share with them. Yet, she had considered shutting down her page a few times, especially when she was going through agonizing relapses of her condition. However, she didn’t let even her darkest times overtake her and make her do that.

Today, she wishes to spread a message of kindness to all, along with letting people know that everyone has issues they are dealing with. That doesn’t mean we need to let them get the best of us and stop us from achieving something extraordinary. Whenever the going gets tough for Lena, she remains audaciously hopeful that things will get better. This positive mindset has helped her get through some of the most challenging experiences of her life.

While she doesn’t like calling herself a fashion influencer, it’s a term that comes with the territory. Whatever you would like to call the colorful world of fashion that Lena shares with the world, it’s definitely something that will make you smile when you see it.

Her Instagram journey with colorful fashion first started out as a hobby she worked on part-time. Now, she’s dedicating all of her energy on developing it, along with her website, so she can continue sharing more fashion, travel, and health content. 

More recently, she has been getting into talking about chronic illnesses more. This has been a big step for her, and while she isn’t naming what chronic illness she suffers from yet, she would like to at some point. Raising awareness on something that has stopped countless others from achieving their dreams is a cause she feels she is in a unique position to speak about.

Instagram has been an excellent outlet for Lena as a way to take her mind off from her daily struggles. Along the way, she has met an incredible amount of wonderful link-minded people. Dressing up colorfully is something that always cheers her up, as well as her fans. That’s why she’s not planning to stop anytime soon.

You can check out the latest vibrant fashion from Lena on her Instagram page @Panthere_instyle. There’s also more you can learn about Lena on her website.

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