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Khao Partners With Memik App to Create Christmas Album for Families to Engage Amid COVID-19

Memik App users can join the App Challenge, create their own dance, and share with their friends

Published on December 25, 2020

While many families are forced to celebrate Christmas holiday apart, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer, “Khao” has partnered with the technology company, “Memik” to create a Christmas album for families to engage during the holiday season, despite social distancing guidelines amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The app includes preset songs and features several from the newly released album “Christmas Lit,” an album created and produced by “Khao,” and in collaboration with various artists, to bring feel-good, uplifting vibes back.

“When we think of Christmas music, we often hear the same songs, but I wanted to bring something new that would be fun, family-friendly, and give people an overall good feeling, considering the millions of individuals suffering from pandemic depression.”, states Khao.

“Memik” is a challenging dance app featuring Augmented Reality (AR). With “Memik,” users can dance with their favorite character to their favorite song from the preset selection of songs in any surrounding. Users can create shareable moments in the kitchen, in the park, and even in the mall.

The partnership has garnered roughly 30 of the largest influencers’ engagement to create and share along with their combined tens of millions of followers from other social media platforms such as Tik-Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Users can join the App Challenge, create their own dance, and share with their friends.

“Memik” is available for download across all Apple devices.

For more information on the “Memik” app, click here.

Download the “Christmas lit” album, here.