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Kevin Ko: Cryptocurrency Trends That Every Trader Should Watch

Published on May 27, 2021

Kevin Ko is a cryptocurrency expert who has spent the last four years helping traders build their portfolios. He has vast experience in the industry; he has created more than 1000 portfolios that are uniquely designed to meet the client’s risk appetite. He has also founded the Crypto Kingz, a platform he intends to use to capitalize on the cryptocurrency’s promising future while helping others become exposed to the space and educate them on managing their risks.

Kevin is also a commercial broker for the industrial market in Honolulu, HI, and works under the commercial asset advisors as a full-time broker. He has always been fascinated with seeking new ventures and investments. For instance, he ventured into sports cards where he helped broker hundreds of deals as people reached out to him seeking to find out the next hot item. However, his mind is now attached to cryptocurrencies where he keeps a close eye on the market happenings.

With the cryptocurrency sector being a fast-paced environment, Kevin foresees numerous changes that will hit the market and influence how trades are made. He highlights the following as the top trends that every trader should carefully understand to remain in the industry.

1. Greater market capitalization Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the leading digital currency that is widely used today. Kevin foresees more market dominance by Bitcoin as its market capitalization is bound to increase. The other currencies also stand an opportunity to grow, but Bitcoin will remain on top. The widespread adoption and heightened interest from different financial industry players are deemed the driving forces behind this trend.

2. Increased demand for blockchain solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic gave more prominence to the cashless payment options to limit contact between humans. The resulting impact was widespread awareness about the different payment options, including digital currencies. Blockchain solutions have also become more critical than ever, and with the COVID-19 pandemic still on, their demands are only bound to increase as the world adopts a new way of buying and spending.

3. Entry of institutional players

In 2020, the digital assets witnessed a more comprehensive adoption rate signifying an increased interest in digital assets moving forward. Digital currencies will be running the financial world in the future, and everyone is rushing to claim a spot. The entry of such institutional players signifies a more significant market capitalization in 2021, a positive trend for the industry’s future.

4. Growth in the decentralized financial services

Most DeFi contracts rely on decentralized exchanges that are similar to peer-to-peer exchanges. Such a move has made the DeFi contracts a hot topic in recent years, and Kevin projects the trend to continue. The figures are increasing exponentially, and there is no sign of them slowing down.

5. Increased diversification

Investors will continue spreading their investments across the different assets as a way to reduce their risks. The industry is bound to continue being more volatile while the traders are seeking to protect their investments. It is the only guaranteed way of mitigating the risks, and unless another viable tool is introduced, traders will have to continue diversifying their investments.  

You can rest assured of Kevin’s response if you reach out to him for guidance on the various cryptocurrency trends and market analysis.

Check out the Crypto Kingz website or reach out to him on his Instagram.

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