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Katago708 – Artist From Switzerland Starts His Own Music Distribution Company

Published on May 14, 2021

Pascal Khatami, an artist from Switzerland named “Katago708,” founded his music distribution company, “Khatami Music.” The company focuses on delivering high-quality services for fair prices.

Distributing your music to all major stores like Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and more is completely free of charge.

Besides that, the company also offers professional mixing and mastering, music promotion, music publishing, and more, which all start at very affordable prices. You can find the company website at

Katago708 (Pascal Khatami) wants to provide upcoming artists an affordable service and help them get ahead in their careers simultaneously.

With Khatami Music, you can promptly submit tracks for release, and once your music is streamed or sold, you receive your royalties.

Khatami Music Making An Impression

There are hundreds of distributors to choose from. Why work with Khatami Music?

Katago708 opened Khatami Music as he knows that distributing music is more than only making tunes available everywhere; it’s about creating an impression. Either you’re a new artist or a Grammy-winner, Khatami Music can help distribute, promote and enhance your music.

Khatami Music makes it possible for unsigned artists to get their songs onto all major stores like Spotify and Apple Music. Katago708 knows firsthand how difficult it’s to create systems, tools, and communication platforms to upload music, and that’s why he found the company.

With Khatami Music, you upload your songs once, and they’re immediately available globally in a lucrative way. No annoying recurring payments. When artists work with Khatami Music, they can forget about creating different accounts for distribution, promotion, marketing, and management. Khatami Music combines these services all in one place.

Khatami Music works as an intermediary between the music producer and the channels that make those productions available. It’s their job to save the artists and labels a lot of time, money, and work.

The company supports artists to achieve their goals and passion. It is a digital music distribution company capable of selling your music to countless stores around the world.

As a professional musician, Katago708 has a robust network and music colleagues worldwide to provide artists with the best possible circumstances they could wish for.

You can contact him on the Khatami Music website and sign up for their services.

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