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From left to right: Eduardo Mercuri, Julia Bomfim, Kan Yanabe. © Carlos Parra

Julia Bomfim Trio and the Reencontro project

Upcoming performance: December 21, 2019 - New England Conservatory Pierce Hall, Boston

Published on October 21, 2019

Today, I had a brief opportunity to sit down with violinist Julia Bomfim, to talk about her debut EP Reencontro released last summer. The project features original arrangements of Brazilian Choro music with Julia Bomfim on violin, Eduardo Mercuri on guitar, and Kan Yanabe on pandeiro. Julia is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This amazingly gifted trio met four years ago in the Boston area and has been playing together since then, delighting the New England area audiences.

Emily Patterson: Julia, I adore the blend of cultural influence and classical sound with nostalgic notes deeply embedded in Reencontro. Tell us what influenced this EP, especially the distinct sound of Naquele Tempo/Por una Cabeza?

Julia Bomfim: My EP ‘Reencontro’ arose from a genuine desire to reconnect with my roots and the various musical influences that have shaped my artistic voice. It is a homage to Brazilian music and its traditions, but especially to the great composer of Choros, Pixinguinha. Choro music has always been present in my life. In my earliest childhood memories, I can still recall melodies like ‘1×0’ and ‘Rosa’, beautifully interpreted by my father’s flute. From my grandmother, I’ve inherited the love for Tango music. She taught me the beauty and passion that entails dancing this music. In Naquele Tempo/Por una Cabeza we tried to create a Choro-Tango hybrid to illustrate the contrast between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, the two musically powerful cities.

Upcoming performances include a concert on Saturday, December 21st at 8 pm at New England Conservatory Pierce Hall (241 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA). For directions, click here. Free admission. CD’s will be available for sale after the concert.