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JT Holmes’ “MDRN Rockstars” Street Wear Flies High Amidst Pandemic

“The Rockstars are taking over Arizona” — and the world

Published on October 04, 2021

JT Holmes, 25, is a serial entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. I first met Holmes on a trip to Las Vegas, NV. The night was brimming with the buzz and excitement of party-goers. Soon, I was to find that this is the energy to constantly surround Holmes. An event coordinator, promoter, community connoisseur, and creative, Holmes is an all-around businessman and holds entrepreneurship’s definition close to his heart. He most recently found his most notorious success in his clothing brand, Modern [MDRN] Rockstars.

In 2020 Coronavirus brought Holmes’ community gatherings to a complete halt. Gatherings were Holmes’ bread and butter; he had to find a new way to tie his community and the world together — and he did.

“During the initial quarantine, I was listening to a lot of Rock Music and started watching the music videos for the songs too. I remembered how much I love Rock. I started thinking about the parties and events that I had coordinated in the past and how I would normally see a lot of people in band tees, but they could never name a single song from the band they were supposed to be repping. Then you have the band’s supporters, who if they see you rockin’ that tee and you can’t name a song, they’re gonna feel some type of way! But everyone loves the style, everyone loves the look, and everyone wants to feel like a rockstar. I’ve been living this rockstar lifestyle since 2016, so creating a clothing brand around this idea was God’s calling.”

Since Holmes has dropped best-selling designs that have brought people together worldwide simply sharing the sentiments of feeling like a rockstar no matter who you are or where you’re at in life, even in a pandemic — making impossible strides during impossible times; where “Only the Strong Survive.”

You can connect with JT at and follow on Instagram @realrockstarjt, @mdrnrockstars.

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