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Johnny Dominguez AKA JD Rex Is The Next Great Tech CEO

Published on May 15, 2020

All great leaders have qualities that separate them from the pack. Johnny D’s strong core values guide his career. Today, he is the CEO of Vestige, but he’s been in the tech space for years.

As a former 7 figures trader, Dominguez is an entrepreneur with experience in launching and operating new ventures across a variety of verticals. He has been a partner or owner in more than 20 successful businesses. As a high-performing professional, he combines an excellent grasp of business and technical disciplines in advanced technology architecture, engineering, and product development.

Johnny prides himself on helping others and creating a state of the art software. He has synthesized all fields to develop innovative new technologies and systems, positively impacting the e-commerce community. As a software developer, he has shown much success in creating with Amazon.

Today, he is the CEO of Vestige, a high-growth Amazon retailer, where Johnny leads a team of multi-disciplinary and talented professionals. As an innovative leader, he brings enthusiasm and energy into group efforts to drive cohesion and collaboration. Johnny Dominguez also promotes the development of my staff by motivating their learning and technical depth while encouraging a continuous improvement attitude.

His passion for e-commerce, innovation, and disruptive technologies are only surpassed by his love for seeing and experiencing the world, learning something new every day, and giving back to the community.

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