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TV Host, Comedian and Author John Barbour

John Barbour, an Amazing Man

TV Host, Comedian and Author

Published on February 12, 2020

Emmy-Award winning John Barbour had several set-backs in life, but nothing seemed to stop him! He’s a man with a plan and really lived a full life as the star/host of his own show, writer, filmmaker, film reviewer, stand-up comedian, film reviewer, and much more!

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John’s life has been so full, his story, “Your Mother’s Not a Virgin”, took over 700 pages to tell just a portion of what actually happened! These are entertaining, quick-moving memories of the past, one-of-a-kind insights into his exciting, action-filled life.

John calls his life “bumpy” as it has been an example of the bumpy ups and downs of his multiple success stories and the famous people he met along the way. Looking back, John tells his story as if he were talking to the reader, in the “you are there” way of his.

John discussed his times with Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Redd Foxx, Dean Martin, George Carlin, Merv Griffin, Susan Anton, George Burns, Lenny Bruce, Rodney Dangerfield, and other stars. Even Frank Sinatra had a special place in his book!

1981 TV Guide Cover, Real People, John Barbour, Skip Stephenson, Bill Rafferty

Known as the Godfather of Reality TV, John Barbour, at the age of 46, also created, produced, co-hosted and wrote the famous “Real People” show on television. Ahead of his time, John always seemed to know what the people wanted. He was the first person in America to do film reviews on the news, winning more consecutive Emmys as KNBC’s Critic-at-Large. He appeared as a stand-up comedian on the Dean Martin Show, The Tonight Show, and others as well as the winner of five Emmy’s by 1970, as host of the “AM Los Angeles.”

These episodes in his book are all very personal and revealing. John narrated so much of what happened, the good and the bad events, his family, friends, and the “real” story of his success.

After reading about John’s successes, you will be surprised to find he was a Canadian 9th grade, high school dropout and deported from the United States at the age of 17. This success story proves that with perseverance and bright ideas, a man could reach great heights even with setbacks.

John Barbour’s book has just been released and he recently appeared at several book signings around Las Vegas. “Your Mother’s Not a Virgin” is now available at Trine DayBook Depository, and Amazon.

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