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JINS Eyewear Introduces New Sunglasses Brand JINS&SUN With NIGO as Creative Director

84 styles with 29 shapes from March 31, 2021

Published on March 23, 2021

JINS&SUN is a new sunglasses brand of JINS with NIGO as Creative Director. The concept is “EVERYDAY EYEWEAR”. JINS&SUN sunglasses will be available at all stores and online from March 31st, 2021.

A new sunglasses brand of JINS has a concept of “EVERYDAY EYEWEAR”. The collections are not limited to an occasion or style. They are for everyone who lives under the sun & enjoys life every day.

NIGO®, who continues to influence the world’s street culture, and JINS, the eyewear brand, which is innovating the world of eyewear, have teamed up to bring new sunglasses collections.

Six Collections will be launched under JINS&SUN: NIGO® Launch Collection, New Standard, Essential, Pop, Modern, Sport & Active, which includes 29 shapes with a total of 84 styles. In addition, all JINS&SUN sunglasses will come with an original case made of Tyvek®, which is durable and water-repellent.

Exciting JINS&SUN collections are in the works and will be continually developed.

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