Japan’s First-Ever METADRIP is Finally Here to Bring More Utility to NFT Digital Fashion Assets

Published on February 21, 2022

NFT owners now have the best opportunity to experience wearing top-of-the-line fashion NFTs. Plus, they can even launch their own marketplace dedicated to NFT fashion items.

1SEC Inc. is soon to release METADRIP’s beta version. The company carries out blockchain content development and production and XR software development. The release of METRADRIP allows many users to experience NFT fashion assets in photos and videos via AR. In return, there will be more utility to different digital fashion assets.

NFT’s Market Scale Increases Year by Year

According to the smart company Antier Solutions report, NFT’s market scale has a steady stream of growth every year. That is because the physical and digital worlds are increasingly becoming more integrated. In 2022, it is expected that the market scale will reach as huge as $35 billion, and in 2025, it will skyrocket as high as $80 billion.

Additionally, the interest of people worldwide towards the metaverse is growing. So, it’s no surprise to see NFT digital fashion assets worn by avatars in the metaverse space. The great deal of attention received by NFTs helped the digital fashion reach at least 25 percent of the NFT floor market cap.

1BLOCK’s METADRIP’s Beta Version

People involved in the metaverse space have expressed excitement after announcing that 1BLOCK is about to launch METADRIP’s beta version in spring. This service allows users to experience wearing NFT fashion items through AR technology. The said launching is expected to make NFTs more useful in the physical world.

As the company embraces the power of METADRIP, many people anticipate NFT fashion’s new layer of practicality. METADRIP is also helpful in connecting people to different services by enabling NFT holders to wear fashion items in AR using the app.

Combining Digital Fashion with AR Platform

METRADRIP is set to make a massive innovation in the digital fashion world in spring 2022. Users have a chance to wear digital fashion with AR technology in real-time using their smartphone’s camera in the app. If they have digital fashion assets stored in the digital wardrobe, they can easily share them on different social media networks as distinct image and video content.

Aside from wearable digital fashion, METADRIP also plans to launch its own NFT marketplace, providing advantages to both creators and holders.

1BLOCK has created a digital fashion utility and will soon expand into a community connecting the world. So, METADRIP also plans to release several systems and create a space where various creators in the community have the freedom to distribute their digital fashion.


METADRIP is an advanced IOS app allowing users to various 3DCG-generated digital fashion items in AR using their smartphones’ cameras. Aside from wearing digital fashion NFTS, users can also manage them in the digital wardrobe featured by the app. This IOS app also plans to add a new practicality layer to multiple fashion NFTs. It also aims to connect users to all services by letting them experience wearing those items in AR.

About 1BLOCK

1BLOCK is the very first fashion company built around 3DCG in Japan. This label carries about highly integrated production that involves digital content and fashion development using the most advanced technologies like blockchain and 3DCG. It collaborates with different media and creators and plans to team up with more platforms. The label also operates an NFT marketplace, focusing on digital fashion. It develops fashion items and avatars dedicated to metaverse space. It creatively and efficiently realizes every platform’s utility.

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