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Is Rap Losing Boundaries? “Yeah Yeah”, Says artistnameleon

The latest track from ATL-based artistnameleon could reasonably fit into 4 or 5 genres, but he doesn't want one to begin with

Published on November 03, 2020

Leon Wright, better known as artistnameleon, is a vocalist, songwriter, and independent recording artist. He makes music with ambition, relying on his own talents over labels and investors. Now based out of Atlanta, the dynamic talent spent the last six years living in both NYC and LA, learning from the musical styles of both coasts before returning to his home state of Georgia.

artistnameleon dropped his latest single “Let Me Know” to encourage everyone to open up. But that’s not all: the ATL-based up-and-comer wants to challenge our perceptions of genre. “Let Me Know,” produced by Atlanta native Zillasuper and Poland-based Guavo, could reasonably fit into four or five genres. However, artistnameleon wants nothing to do with labels, making music strictly through emotion rather than our preconceived notions of genre.

“Let Me Know” is not quite rap, not quite R&B, and not quite pop. artistnameleon has previously been referred to as a chillwave rapper, but his latest works – like 2019’s full-length Matter of Time – showcase a talent for centralizing melody with rap, all at once. “Let Me Know” further accentuates this point, letting us know where artistnameleon plans to go from here. According to this latest single, artistnameleon is ready to “Show you a few things / You ain’t never seen before”.

His early work focused primarily on rap and hip hop, but that changed in 2015. artistnameleon began infusing his work with elements of R&B and pop, creating a genre-bending sound that reshapes the boundaries of genre. He cited a newfound passion for melodies, releasing Never Too Late in 2017 followed by Closer Than Before in 2018. His latest project, the 2019 full-length studio album Matter of Time, cemented artistnameleon as an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with, a songwriter able to connect with multitude listener demographics.

Listen to “Let Me Know” by artistnameleon here.

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