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Interview With Digital Marketing Strategist Giuseppe Federico Liprandi

Published on December 29, 2020

Let’s start from the beginning; tell us about your roots. Where are you from?

I was born and raised and in Turin (Italy), where I graduated in Economics and Statistics, and where I immediately started working for some small brands and companies, helping with their communication strategy through digital channels.

When did you start approaching the online world?

I have always been fascinated by the digital world, and what you can do with only one click, so I can easily say that my first approach to the digital world happened naturally when I was a teenager. At the age of 14, I had already created my first website. Of course, I was not as expert as now, so I followed step by step an online tutorial and online courses of the leading American experts in the field. I was so fascinated and intrigued by what they were doing in the tutorials that I felt I wanted to know more and did not want to stop learning to become like them. Later on, I started doing some small jobs for friends or relatives, which was more a way to practice for me: logos, a bit of graphic editing, light video editing, etc. up to collaborating with various companies operating in my city.

Then the choice to leave Turin and move abroad. Tell us about your experience.

I have always put learning first. After my graduation and some online advertising experience, I decided to specialize by enrolling in one of the only London faculties that provided an advanced master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Analytics, specifically at Regent’s University of London. Here I developed an in-depth knowledge of online marketing and technical performance analysis alongside the digital field’s latest trends. I started focusing on the world of e-commerce by creating a project together with my brother in the street-fashion area. At the same time, I thoroughly studied the world of dropshipping and affiliate marketing, which allowed me to focus on creating and scaling various e-commerce brands. Moving to London was fundamental for me in that period of my life because it allowed me to study and learn what I honestly could not learn in Italy. London is a very advanced city from this point of view, and it was a springboard for me. After my master’s, I started working in one of the 3 most important advertising agencies in the world: Publicis Media. I’ve mainly specialized in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search.

So did you decide to leave Publicis Media and set up your agency? How did you come to that point?

It was an idea born in my mind much earlier, about three years ago. While I was collaborating with some Italian companies, I immediately thought that the Italian scene might need an agency offering a range of services to help small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the offline sector converting to online. At this point, I came up with launching my first marketing agency: 011-ENTERPRISE LTD. The agency offers various services starting from the creation of websites and/or e-commerce up to the ideation, activation, and optimization of digital marketing strategies on the main social networks.

So is 011-ENTERPRISE LTD the name of your company? Are you still working on this project with your brother?

I am still running the company with my brother, and we are thrilled about the results we achieve day by day, but it is not the only company I am working on. a few months ago, I decided to partner up with a friend and ex-colleague at both University and Publicis Media. We worked together on some fantastic clients in the luxury industry, and we decided to set up our agency and focus on a range of premium and luxury brands. The agency is called the Digilux Agency, and I can say it is my newborn [laugh]. It is a massive project, we are working on clients across Italy and the United Kingdom, and we plan to expand more once the time is mature enough.

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