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How Vegan Athlete and Cyclist Ivan Liamin Is Making a Difference in the Fitness World

Published on July 09, 2021

Ivan Liamin, who goes by his brand name “Ivan, the Vegan,” is a vegan athlete and cyclist. He is also a musician and currently studying Philosophy and Politics at the University of Southampton.

Ivan has 11 years of fitness experience in boxing, running, cycling, and swimming. He is a trainer at De Souza Dojo, a Brazilian Jujitsu Academy, which he has been practicing since 2015.

Ivan Liamin has been championing healthy lifestyles by providing the ultimate fitness since 2015. He has been encouraging a whole food, high carbohydrate and a low-fat plant-based diet. According to Ivan, a vegan diet is linked to health benefits, such as immunity, cardiovascular health, and a prolonged lifespan. A vegan diet can enhance performance, including athletics.

According to Ivan, the vegan diet is a plant-based meal that offers all the nutrients needed by your body. Since a vegan diet is high in carbohydrates and low in fat, with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, it can sustain and boost your general body performance.

As a vegan, you will live a healthier lifestyle and consume many natural products and less fatty fast foods, which is very helpful for your health. As a fitness crusader and an athlete, Ivan believes the diet helps recover from workouts and has enabled him to do more in life and have more energy. He observes that a vegan diet causes minimal body inflammation, which is vital in preventing body injuries.

Besides being a vegan, Ivan Liamin is an enthusiastic cyclist. He terms it as a low-impact aerobic activity that can benefit your health and fitness. Ivan encourages cycling as a beneficial exercise that you can include in your daily life as a mode of transport like he often does. You can also incorporate cycling as a sport or a physical activity.

Ivan’s journey as a vegan wasn’t free from challenges. “My family and friends were mocking me daily and constantly doubting me. I experienced bullying by my colleagues at work because of my vegan diet. I also had many bicycle crashes and injuries in my training”. But, these incidents didn’t deter him from his journey of achieving a healthy vegan lifestyle and achieving his fitness goals.

Ivan draws his inspiration to move on from his love for animals, the ecosystem, and the world at large. Furthermore, he sees the success of many people adopting the vegan lifestyle that he is so passionate about. Ivan acknowledges the importance of finding like-minded people who support you, which he lacked when starting his fitness journey. He adds that you should also never shy away from asking for assistance.

Ivan Liamin aspires to become the best fitness and life coach on the internet. He loves to offer solutions, see people physically fit and live healthy lifestyles. As an artist and a producer, Ivan plans to make more music. He has already produced some unique dance music, which you can get from SoundCloud, and Spotify. He also looks forward to working and promoting ethical companies that share his values.


“I want to get people sustainable and long-term fitness results. I am about health, fitness, and my goal is to get as many people fit and healthy. I am all about sharing knowledge and making a positive contribution to the world”, Ivan concludes.

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