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How to Have a Better Relationship

Published on April 20, 2021

Having a better relationship is not that hard but again isn’t that easy; it takes a lot of your time and effort. Sometimes it’s not your fault, or you don’t know what else you can do for your partner, or maybe you don’t even know what’s wrong with your other half, but being in a relationship that’s the fun part, and that’s the point of being in a relationship being there for each other, and that is what makes you different from the rest because you will try.

You must find out because she/he chose you, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not as easy as it sounds to handle a girl’s mood swings or boy’s tantrums, but playing this right, can make her/his day. It can make both of your lives easier and happier just by putting some effort that day can be the best day of her life hence why let me share some ideas with you which can make her days.

  1. Care about each other:

When she is upset and not in the mood, that’s the most crucial time to show her that you care for her, do everything and as much as possible to show her that you care for her, ask her does need anything after every hour eventually this will make her realize that you are trying for her and this will make her feel like a queen and a boss, she will feel like commanding you, and this is a good sign for her mood she knows she can come and same goes for a guy. Someone is there for her who only cares for her; this sometimes is fun; you both joke around in pretending you’re the boss, but we all know your woman is always your boss, but this will make her feel great. Similarly, make your man feel the luckiest and happiest with the best possible ways you can.

  1. Surprises:

Talking particularly about women, a key to a women’s heart is gifts and surprises. By doing this, she will feel unique and essential hence why she knows that you are willing to do anything for her happiness and her mood; it’s not about an expensive gift you take her out for a special meal, take her to her favorite place or even a small gift such as a keychain or a cover for her phone can put a huge smile on her face just like that she will be told and informed that you care and think about her like this she will always be happy and be loved and cheered up. Guys usually don’t show up that they like to have surprises but kid me not, and everyone loves to have surprises.

  1. Thank each-other for existing:

Appreciate each other for all the hard work you both did for each other and show that you realize that, and by going and just saying thank you for everything, her/his tiredness and her/his mood will all of a sudden will change. Small lines like that can you’re your partner happy. Sometimes going old school is also beneficial, like you can write a beautiful love letter for each other too.

  1. Listen to each-other:

By listening to her, there is no harm for you, but for her, all the negativity the sadness she has will be released, which will make her feel relaxed and much happier not only because she let it all out but also that there is someone who she can come to when she is upset and having that feeling that someone is there for you will cheer her up. The same is the case with boys; they get tired of being less expressive and having a hard personality; they also feel pain and need someone to listen.

  1. Trust each-other:

The relationship is not about just making love; it’s about trust, the most complex and critical part of the relationship. Trust issues may be your number one obstacle to connection, warmth, and intimacy. It will damage your relationship, so you can’t even imagine you won’t realize it straight away but slowly from inside, that it will kill you and cause issues between you two hence why trust is crucial to you if there is no trust. There should be no relation with her by trusting her; she will be in love with you because your heart is clear. You will be in a good mood with her all the time.

  1. Pay attention:

If you both attend a friend’s party, don’t leave her alone to hang out with your other friends, especially if she doesn’t know anyone else there. Stay by her side and make sure she feels comfortable. Please pay attention to her needs so that she doesn’t feel lonely or troubled. Pay attention to your boyfriend’s needs as well. If you’re out with friends and your boy has to deal with the stuff alone, go and make him feel loved and let him love your existence.

  1. Remind each-other that you love:

Tell her you to love her eventually slowly she might forget that you love her by telling her you to love her. She is the best thing that happened to you, for these might be just some words. Still, for her, this will mean the world to her and put a cute smile which you felt in love with her in the first place, in this case, it’s a win-win situation you both are happy also you text her let her know you are thinking about her and this will make her feel important. Make your boyfriends feel important because they’ve you in their lives. Let them know that you love them to the core of their hearts.

  1. Leave cute notes:

Leaving a cute note seems a bit old and maybe not that important, but girls love it when you write them something attractive and pretty. You can leave small sticky notes for her waiting in her breakfast chair or on her phone, even at her desk. Just by saying, “you make me happy.” Such notes will make her heart melt, and she will have a big smile on her face. Even without being around her, you would make your girlfriend happy, and she will miss you straight away. Leaving such notes for each other will bring trust and enthusiasm to a relationship.

  1. Build humor level:

One of the qualities of being an ideal boyfriend is knowing how to make your girlfriend laugh. If you can constantly make her laugh, you will see her happier in the relationship, do stupid things, make silly faces stuff and effort like that will make her smile, show her how beautiful she looks when she smiles, put a mirror in front of her this will straight away make her realize that you love her even more and can do anything for her smile. Guys usually are the one who has good humor level, but it makes them feel happiest if their girlfriends have the best humor.

  1. Compliment frequently:

This is the easiest and cheapest way to make her day; women love it when someone compliments them but mainly from their boyfriends. This makes her feel special and makes her realize that you are paying attention to her, and you see all the changes she has made. Boys also love it that you have noticed all these things about them, keep complimenting each other like how they look, how pretty they are, stuff like that will make their mood brilliant.

  1. Hold each-other’s hand:

Hold her hand in public, especially in front of your friends. It will make her feel proud to have her and are not afraid to show it in front of your friends. She will feel more secure. In this way, both the partners will have the privilege to face the world by having each other by the side. In this way, you both will have a better relationship.

These were few tricks to have a healthy and better relationship. We hope you’ll find it interesting and beneficial.

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