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How to Build a Side Hustle to Create Wealth. I Did, And I Can Show You How!

By Mandy Smith

Published on November 18, 2020

Growing up, I can remember my loving parents encouraging me to chase the American dream. The equation seemed simple enough:

Good Education + Hard Work + High-Paying Corporate Job = Fulfillment & Joy

Unfortunately, nobody taught me the right way to define those ever-important variables in what I thought was the perfect American opportunity. Growing up in Thomasville, Alabama, my goal was to escape and follow the path laid before me. I would lay awake at night dreaming of the big city, traveling the world, and meeting exotic people who embraced the joys of life. Then reality struck, I believed that if I put in the long hours and climbed the corporate ladder, a moment would suddenly appear when I finally had achieved success and have it all.  I remember waking up one morning and thinking how did I get here?  I realized something was missing, I had achieved the American dream but what about MY dream?  Why was I not living a purpose-filled life and living someone else’s dream?  

Well, when it comes to truly “having it all”, I have some good news – and some bad news. 

The good news? I’ve discovered a desire, passion, and motivation that gets me up every morning ready to tackle new challenges and live my life to the fullest.

The bad news? The American dream of corporate success wasn’t the path that led me there! 

Yet, like so many things in life, the bad news is often the way to learning your true potential.  And bad news isn’t always “bad news”, but yet an opportunity to change your current situation.  

After spending twenty years in Corporate America, I learned that if I truly wanted to make a difference in this short life, I needed to pursue my passion rather than someone else’s well-intentioned advice. By taking a bold step of courage, I set aside some time on the side of each day and began putting in the work to dream, design, and develop a life that I truly wanted to live.

The result? The launch of my side hustle – where I partnered up with the world’s largest 

educational platform teaching people digital money making skillsets. Not only has this opportunity inspired me to become the greatest version of myself but it’s also given me the opportunity to help others seeking to launch their own passions and desires into successful, revenue-generating income. With the right drive and determination, you can jump off of the hamster wheel of the 8-5 grind and start building something that you can be proud of!

The true life fulfillment I’ve gained has generated from this business!   

By partnering with this company, I have discovered that the true worldly dream is having the freedom to create and inspire others through my world class mentorship program. I finally felt when I was inspiring people to action, showing them the game plan to time & financial freedom that I wasn’t just showing people a way to create wealth.  I was sharing hope & freedom from life’s burdens. In a world of endless opportunity, we continue to have our rights & privileges taken away from us and I invite you to see the vision & pathway I’m pursuing.  You see, success isn’t all about being wealthy, it’s about personal success – becoming the best versions of ourselves to triumph over life’s burdens. And having multiple streams of income is a necessity in today’s every-changing economy, not just a luxury.  

I found by helping others I inspire them to take action on their dreams and live the life of their dreams. I believe if anyone has an idea, a passion, or a possibility that is fueled with belief, it’s never been easier to step into your inner hustle and make your dreams a reality.   

When you partner with a visionary company that uses a simple technology platform to teach people freedom and you get to collaborate with other dreamers & doers you finally understand you’re on the path of true wealth & life success.  

Don’t be tempted to say you’ll take the next step later, tomorrow, or after X, as that goalpost will simply keep moving. Do you really want to be in this same place next year? In five years? In a decade? If you don’t take action today, chances are you’ll regret it.

We live in an age where all you need to become a millionaire is a laptop, cell phone, and internet connection, and the hustle to make it happen. That’s it. So, take the next step today and join me on a webinar call to find out how you can take part of this financial revolution. 


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