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How This Entrepreneur Made His Mark in E-commerce

Published on October 28, 2020

This Florida native, Johnny Dominguez aka JD Rex, has paved the way for entrepreneurs in e-commerce with his company Vestige LLC.

After graduating with a masters degree and PhD in computer science, Johnny entered the corporate world as a trader. After working for a top firm for years, he decided that he wanted to escape the corporate bubble and become an entrepreneur. Specializing his degree in advanced technology architecture, engineering and product development, he realized it was time to combine his advanced skills in computer science with his knowledge of business and finance.

This led him to explore countless different ventures. Over the years JD Rex has been a partner or owner in more than 20 successful businesses, often running numerous businesses concurrently. His background in trading prepared him for a busy schedule, and he thrived in a management position, allowing him to run profitable companies in the e-commerce space.

Johnny Dominguez’s PhD in computer science allowed him to perform at an elite level within the e-commerce sector, and he decided it was time to refine his operations to one main business idea. After years of experience in e-commerce, working from multiple sides as a seller both B2C and B2C, manufacturer, buyer and investor – he decided it was time to create the company that he now runs: Vestige LLC.

Vestige is a high-growth Amazon retailer that offers automation for Amazon sellers. The essence of Vestige is to help businesses increase their profits through online automation – this makes it easier for sellers to generate passive income without being involved in all the minutiae of running an e-commerce store.

JD Rex has successfully propelled Vestige LLC into a high ranking position with the e-commerce space, in a short time. His automation software appeals to many Amazon sellers, who can now make millions without any effort or involvement, relying on Vestige to generate income for them.

Despite thriving as a solo entrepreneur, due to the success and popularity of Vestige, Johnny has now taken on a team of multi-disciplinary and talented professionals to ensure that Vestige is able to help as many sellers as possible with e-commerce.

Due to the pandemic, many companies are wondering how they can move their business from physical products and a storefront, to selling solely online. Many business operators are struggling to navigate a digital marketplace, which is causing them to lose out on profit. For these companies, working with Vestige will allow them to streamline their operations and focus on one thing: profit.

If you want to learn more about Vestige, click here.

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