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How Thierry Szymanski From Epicureans of Florida Changed the Game to Recruit the Best Restaurant Staff

Published on October 16, 2021

COVID-19 changed the restaurant industry for good. How was Epicureans of Florida one of the few companies that kept thriving during these challenging times?

The COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed almost all social activities that people had been used to for many decades, including dining. In the midst of the pandemic, Thierry Szymanski founded Epicureans Of Florida to become an instrument for friends and families to be brought together by good food and quality time. While most restaurants were closed, Thierry Szymanski recruited talented chefs with valuable experience working at some of the best restaurants across South Florida and focused on fine Italian and French cuisine adored by millions.

Today, Epicureans of Florida has become one of the most popular catering companies in the entire state of Florida. Thierry Szymanski, an award-winning restaurateur from Corsica, owns and manages the company but credits his staff and management team for the success of Epicureans of Florida since day one.

Epicureans of Florida’s team of professionals will make you feel like you’re in an actual fine dining restaurant. You will experience the luxury of being at home celebrating your anniversary, graduation, or birthday with an exquisite set of dishes.

Faithful to its Corsican origins, Thierry Szymanski and his team create authentic French and Italian dishes using the best ingredients in season. Why not indulge yourself with an Octopus Carpaccio, lobster tail, citrus syrup vinaigrette, Parmesan crisp, or a Fillet mignon with green peppercorn and whisky sauce, to name just a few.

After the party, the staff will do all the cleaning up due to their dedication to providing excellent customer service. Because of this detailed and efficient process, hundreds of people have inquired about the services of Epicureans of Florida. Interested people should check out their website,, or Instagram @epicureansofflorida for fabulous photos of their menus and services.

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