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How the KLNAir Purifying Face Mask Is Changing the Face Mask Game

Published on October 13, 2021

Air – the most crucial thing for humans, yet we can’t see what’s in it. Breathing in a long, deep breath is a wonderful feeling, but what about the harmful chemicals and bacteria we could be inhaling at the same time? What if we could know for certain that the air we are breathing is clean and purified?

Filtering 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and 99.5% of air particles down to as small as 0.1 micrometers, the KLN Air Mask is the answer you’ve been waiting for. A solid solution for those with chronic allergies, pollution sensitivity, or those who simply want protection from viruses and bacteria, this mask is the future.

The last few years have seen more mask-wearing than ever before, and there have been countless benefits felt by many. But why settle for the mediocre options out there, that accelerate waste and pollution with their one-time-use nature, when you could choose a smart mask that actually works!

While many masks need a perfect seal to be effective, the high-power KLNAir Purifier pressurizes the air at the front of your mask to keep particles out while streaming fresh air in. Compared to surgical masks and N95 respirators, the KLNAir Mask is significantly superior, filtering over 90% of air particles down to 0.3um without a seal. Trialed and tested, this mask uses PAPR (power air-purifying respirator) technology, protecting against airborne particles more efficiently than ever before.

Designed for complete comfort, this mask has a fully adjustable nose piece and earloops, to adapt the size to fit any face’s shape and size.

One battery pack will last you more than 10 hours, so you can control the airflow to the mask all throughout your day. The 3-way adjustable air controls allow you to change the intensity of the air based on your environment, so you’ll never feel like it’s too weak or too strong.

Working against unnecessary waste, the masks are made of washable fabric, so just one mask can stand the test of time. Change the air filters once a week, and the nose bridge as often as you need, and effortlessly refresh the cleanliness and hygiene of your mask.

Wear a light grey geometric pattern or a classically simplistic black, and allow yourself the freedom to breathe. Rather than dealing with stuffy masks that affect the airflow to your lungs, inhale confidently in the knowledge that the air around you is clean, purified, and safe.

Say no to inhaling the harsh chemicals and toxins that pollute the air around us, and put yourself first. Effortlessly filter the air before you breathe it, and once you will experience the bliss of breathing the cleanest air, you’ll never look back.

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