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How Social Media Played a Major Role in Building Dr. Chiddy’s Private Plastic Surgery Practice

Published on September 15, 2021

Dr. Jerry Chidester aka “Dr. Chiddy”, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and social media influencer. Due to his rapid business successes, he is now one of the biggest social media doctors in the world.

Dr. Chiddy accredits his accomplishments to the industry of social media. A few years ago, he was an ordinary plastic surgeon (with more swagger and elegance), but thanks to social media applications like Instagram and TikTok, the doctor was able to find his most suitable platform – where he is able to keep his followers and patients engaged. Now, he wants the world to know how social media played a major role in his private plastic surgery practice.

“I think social media and business go very well together.”, says Dr. Chidester, who was recently invited to speak at Plastic Surgery: The Meeting, the largest national annual plastic surgery conference, held in Atlanta this upcoming October. The talk will include the ways he was able to go from a viral surgeon to a self-renowned businessman.

It certainly helps that Dr. Chiddy is one of the top skilled surgeons in the country. His level of stature allows him to speak to his audience with validity and style. Last year – in the height of the pandemic – he was able to start his own surgery practice in Draper, Utah. It only took the board-certified surgeon 18 months to reach this point, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming support and referrals he was getting (mainly through social media outlets).

Today, his business is soaring toward unfathomable heights, especially after winning “The Best of Salt Lake City Award” (Best of SLC). The award for best plastic surgeon was received by Dr. Chiddy this year, and has brought even more attention to his medical practice. He makes sure to broadcast these highly acclaimed moments as well, so that his followers are never out of the loop – which helps build his engagement.

As you probably know, e-commerce is becoming more useful each day. With accumulating over 20 million views across all of his platforms, Dr. Chidester understands the power of social media engagement and the impact it has, specifically with online businesses. With memes, dance videos, stories and reels, he uses his influence to drive firm performance – grasping the attention of thousands of people at a time. These highly engaged social media posts are continuing to transfer into increased sales, making them a fundamental marketing strategy. Because of this strategy, he has been granted the freedom to expand his surgical brand, and start other entities (such as clothing, merchandise, real estate, etc.). He plans on utilizing these entities more in the future, to facilitate more customer engagement and participation.

Dr. Chiddy believes there is no greater time than now when it comes to being an influencer. It’s safe to say that he is not only a certified surgeon, but a certified brand as well. His primary goals in online branding are to build patient/customer relationships and gain understanding of their experiences with his brand.

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