How Procom is Solving the Skills Shortage in ServiceNow

Published on May 11, 2024

With over 45 years of experience in the recruitment space, Procom is solving the skills shortage in the ServiceNow industry.

Speaking to organizations looking to hire ServiceNow talent, Procom spoke to the skills shortage the current market is facing: “The skills shortage in the ServiceNow industry is due to rapid technological advancements and the platform’s escalating use. As more firms run into ServiceNow for their digital overhauls, the demand for proficient experts exceeds the available talent pool, resulting in a significant industry-wide skills gap.”

Procom supplies skilled talent across sectors

The globally recognized IT and staffing firm currently has over 12,500 contractors on assignment in industries such as automotive, government, retail, banking, insurance, semiconductor, energy and utilities, life sciences, telecommunications, gaming and professional services.

Aside from ServiceNow, they also place a variety of skilled talent in organizations, bridging the skills gap, and helping clients deliver on high priority projects by sourcing the talent they need. With the current emphasis on placing a skills-based workforce, Procom supplies highly skilled workers with expertise in big data, cybersecurity, DevOps and cloud computing, Java development, SAP and more. Their offerings include contingent workforce solutions and contract staffing, direct hire and access to a global talent pool among others.

Describing their talent services, Procom shared, “The acceleration of automation, globalization and changing workforce demographics are increasing the demand for IT skills that bring together technology, people and industry knowledge.”

How Procom is Solving the Skills Shortage in ServiceNow

ServiceNow Fundamentals: What is ServiceNow?

Answering the question, “What is ServiceNow?” can be complex, so it may help to liken it to an iPhone. To a photographer, an iPhone could be a miniature camera, while it may be a pocket-sized recording device to a musician. The same can be said about ServiceNow.

If you ask a customer service agent, they might tell you that ServiceNow is a ticketing tool with the ability to record and resolve customer requests and problems. Meanwhile, someone on the IT platform support team might describe ServiceNow as a configuration management tool that keeps track of software and hardware infrastructure. The development team on the other hand might tell you it’s a cloud-based development environment with tools and workflows that solve business problems. Others will describe ServiceNow as an enterprise database, request catalogue or knowledge management platform. The truth is – they’re all correct.

Now that it’s clear that ServiceNow has different use cases depending on the customer persona or the enterprise, let’s take a deeper dive into the ins-and-outs of the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based technology platform

ServiceNow is a cloud-based technology platform, which means organizations don’t need to purchase hardware or software to connect to the service and leverage its benefits. They can simply connect to the cloud using a web browser or mobile device.

Since ServiceNow takes care of the infrastructure for organizations, they don’t need to worry about things like scalability, security, load balancing or data backups. This allows organizations to focus on higher value tasks.

ServiceNow launched with a comprehensive understanding of the bottlenecks faced by thousands of IT companies across the globe in a variety of industries. They noted how IT was being used to solve business problems and increase productivity, and by taking stock of what worked well and what didn’t, they built their cloud-based technology to deliver IT solutions. The ServiceNow platform is based upon best practices and common lessons learned, and is a cloud-based solution implemented by organizations worldwide.

With the importance and complexity of this cloud-based technology platform, sourcing the top ServiceNow talent and the right talent for your project is more important than ever before.

Procom provides certified and experienced ServiceNow resources

In a testimonial, Rob R. shared how Procom helps organizations rapidly acquire ServiceNow talent and resources, highlighting the speed and efficiency of their talent solutions: “As ServiceNow has gained popularity and adoption, the demand for certified and experienced ServiceNow resources has become fierce. As a ServiceNow elite partner, we’re constantly looking for everything from engagement managers to IRM developers. We’ve had great success with Procom to find talent quickly.”

How Procom is Solving the Skills Shortage in ServiceNow

Growing demand for ServiceNow by the numbers

There are clear signs that indicate that ServiceNow is rapidly reshaping processes within business environments, fuelling the demand for relevant talent, and more importantly, bridging the talent gap.

There has been a 92 percent increase in job postings for ServiceNow roles over the past year, 93 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and there has been a 50 percent decrease in manual effort from organizations leveraging ServiceNow.

To keep up with the current competitive technology and business landscape as well as a market that pulls in ServiceNow talent at a rapid pace, sourcing and retaining top ServiceNow talent is more important than ever.

Most in-demand ServiceNow roles  

Among some of the most in-demand ServiceNow roles are ServiceNow Developers, ServiceNow Administrators, ServiceNow Consultants, ServiceNow Implementation Specialists, ServiceNow Project Managers, ServiceNow Business Analysts and ServiceNow System Engineers.

Sourcing the right ServiceNow talent in a timely manner can save your organization revenue, help you maximize employee time and allow you to focus on high-value tasks.

Procom shared that the effects of inefficiencies on a business result on average: a 30 percent total loss of revenue which is correlated with about 30 percent of IT specialists spending time on basic low-level tasks. In addition, inefficiencies can cost employees over a quarter of their day.

Keeping up with technology and automation

As tech and automation are reshaping processes and fueling a demand for tech-savvy professionals, now is the best time to find the right strategy when it comes to sourcing ServiceNow talent.

Procom can help you find ServiceNow talent through their RightFit Recruitment Process, through market rate intelligence and with a dedicated client portal. If you are ready to access ServiceNow talent and expertise, get in touch with a ServiceNow recruitment expert today.

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