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How One Man Made $300,000 in 48 Hours Using Tik Tok

Published on September 11, 2020

Ray J Lakhani is a serial entrepreneur who is responsible for multiple 7 figure businesses. What Ray has been able to accomplish in the last 24 months is something people strive to achieve in a lifetime. Ray was recently featured on the homepage of Yahoo! And is currently pending a press release with Forbes. With all this being said, it’s no surprise that he’s been able to catch trends on the social media platform Tik Tok. Ray and his family share a Tik Tok account under their business which is filled with random and humorous short clips. He’s been able to find virality a few times, including a short clip topping 1 million views.

The initial video that went viral was a clip for a product Ray invented called the Lazy Lampoon™. The clip caught wind within 20 minutes of being posted, and starting spreading like wildfire, generating over 100,000 views in 30 minutes. Soon after that, Ray realized his product was garnishing attention online, and he started posting more short clips of the Lazy Lampoon™, The Tik Tok account starting gaining traction over these little e-cig accessories and he was able to build up a following. One night during a podcast session he released a humorous video with some friends, and placed his Lazy Lampoon™ product in the middle of the short clip, which gathered over a million views over the course of 48 hours. The Lazy Lampoon™ went viral along with the video, and Ray’s company received over $300,000 in sales in 2 days. The clip on Tik Tok provided notoriety for the Lazy Lampoon™ worldwide, and Ray ended up selling over a million units to 6 different countries in the span of 8 months.

We had the opportunity to get Ray on a Zoom call this past weekend to discuss how others can use a similar strategy, and generate sales on their ecommerce sites by leveraging Tik Tok’s platform.

Ray! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished! We’ve spent the last 2 days researching and studying all that you’ve done, and it’s mind blowing how many wins you’ve had in less than 2 years.

I’m happy to be here. Honestly, I couldn’t have ever predicted the speed of my success. I knew that I had some winners up my sleeve, but I didn’t know the timeline would be graciously expedited by the man upstairs.

We’re so happy for you, and so excited to learn! Okay, so let’s just jump right in. When it comes to leveraging Tik Tok as a resource; how can people reading this easily understand the steps they need to take to follow in your tracks?

The success solely revolved around 2 things for the Lazy Lampoon0™ . First, I was in a market that was booming. The e-cig pen was one of the most trending topics at the time. Because I came up with a silly and colorful product whose purpose was to accessorize the e-cig pen, I was able to take something that the world was already talking about, and add some flair to it. I took a trending product, which was essentially naked, and I made clothes for it. People bought into the idea that they had to have the Lazy Lampoon™ because of the buzz on social media. Tik Tok co-signed the product, and really made the Lazy Lampoon™ what it is today.

Oh my god, this is just crazy. So what kind of strategy do you recommend, if say, myself or some of the readers want to make money using Tik Tok?

It’s simple. First create an ecommerce store online, and find a product that sells well. You can validate sales through the use of Google search, or online marketplaces. Everyone will need to do their due diligence if it’s not a one of a kind product like that Lazy Lampoon™. The second part is the final part, and that’s getting creative. I mean, even if you’re selling a refrigerator, make a short clip highlighting what a unique fridge it is. However, don’t make the fridge the focal point.

Why do you say that?

By making the product the focal point, you’ve turned your funny video into a sales pitch. However, if you’re making a funny video, and the product just so happens to be in the video, then you’re able to highlight something unique about it. Subconsciously the viewer’s brain will pick up on what sticks out. The video should be entertaining enough to where the viewer will watch it more than once, and this will allow them to notice the scenarios surroundings.

You’re a genius, Ray. Do you know that?

Oh man, no I’m not. Please don’t say that (laughing). I’m just well versed in marketing strategies, my core business revolves around virality.

That’s right. The Artistic Initiative is a digital marketing and PR firm. Seems like you have an upper hand then when it comes to online marketing.

Well, I chose to make online marketing one of my greater strengths. There’s nothing difficult about it. It’s just pinpointing what makes people take a second glance, and I think we all know the answers to these questions. It’s just many people have a hard time having enough confidence to go public and show a side of them that they may be insecure about.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Ray. Too many people care about what others think, and it hinders massive potential in the human race.

Ray, I really appreciate the time you’ve given us today to talk to you. I’m so excited to read your article with Forbes, and see what other amazing things you bring to the world in the coming years.

Thank you so much for having me. I hope I was able to provide some type of value to the readers.

I’m sure the ones who are driven enough will read between the lines!

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