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How Market Trends Are Affecting the Car Shipping Industry

Published on October 02, 2020

Auto transport company. Car hauler. Open-air transport. Enclosed auto trailer transport. No matter how you slice it or classify it, all of these are a part of the car shipping industry. The car shipping industry is on the rise (as a whole). In a report released about the global car carrier market, the 2019 market size was $813 million. The estimated CAGR is 2.7%, creating a potential for the market size to become $1.06 billion by 2029.

What does this mean for auto transport companies in the long run? This means that the car shipping industry isn’t going anywhere any time soon, as long as managed and marketed correctly.

The economy took a sharp downward turn when COVID-19 showed up on the scene in March 2020. In fact, most industries, even the ones considered essential, took some type of hit. Now, the California economy is set to improve by Q3 2020. Still, the full economic recovery could be more than a year away.

With the economy back on an uphill climb, the market trend may remain in favor of the auto transport industry’s upward climb. Transport companies like A-1 Auto Transport remained operational during the pandemic as an essential industry component. To learn more about the deals available for car transport, see their website at

Most of the companies within the industry share attributes of other industries. Besides just shipping cars, they also facilitate moves – domestically and internationally. Four of the top five moving routes in the United States originated in California, and one with a California destination.

Pairing auto transport and moving services within one company can help facilitate growth, even when one industry is suffering. Those who only offer one service may see the blow of the pandemic’s economic side effects before rising above them.

On a positive note, the auto transport industry’s growth means that there will be no lack of transport available across the country. The main thing to look for in a reputable car shipper is reliability and professionalism.

Professional auto transport companies have Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers and Motor Carrier numbers that can be searched through databases to see their compliance records. You can also search the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website to see if they are a member and their grade.

The BBB also shows how well the company is at handling complaints against them. The grade provided by the BBB is not based on user reviews; only their independent look at the company. They may provide you with an unbiased insight into the company or additional information about them.

You might be wondering, why does the market of the auto transport industry matter to me?

Maybe you have never utilized a professional auto transport company or moving service before, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t in your lifetime. You want these industries to be available should you ever need them. Do you know how to move your home and vehicle across the country? Across the world?

Let professionals in a rising industry take care of all these tasks for you. Start your journey with an affordable and reputable auto transport industry leader.

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