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How International Loops is Innovating the World of Social Media Advertising

Published on August 20, 2020

Have you ever heard of Exclusive Advertising Campaigns? If not, you’ll be forgiven, but not for long! The world of social media is a fast- and ever-changing industry, and social media advertising has become a staple for all businesses serious about turning a profit.

Social media users now number at 4 billion people – that’s blown past previous predictions from 2019 that we’d reach 3.5 billion by 2023, likely due to the pandemic driving many online in order to connect with brands, popular media, and loved ones.

With numbers like this, it’s unsurprising that there are new innovative forms of marketing, and the company leading the charge for exclusive advertising campaigns is International Loops.

International Loops has established itself as the industry leader in Celebrity-led Exclusive Advertising Campaigns. International Loops’ success stories for its clients include campaigns with big-names such as Floyd Mayweather (23 million followers on Instagram), Lil Pump, Jamie Foxx, Tameka Dianne, Kimberly Loazia, Gavin Magnus, JWOWW, Jamie Lynn Spears, among others.

International Loops’ upcoming campaigns feature more of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, including such as Gabrielle Moses (619K followers), Lexi Hensler (1.5M followers), Lil Mosey (4.3M followers), and Summerella (4M followers), among others. As you can see, their reach is huge, and now totals over one billion worldwide.

So, what exactly are Exclusive Advertising Campaigns?

To understand how they’ve developed, let me first tell you about how International Loops came to be.

Way back in 2013, now CEO Jennifer Brooks was a “mommy blogger”, sharing her life on Instagram. She started organizing “giveaway loops” in her network, and demand quickly grew. To meet the demand from brands who wanted to go through her to connect with influencers, she founded International Loops in 2015. What was once “just a blog” has now developed into a million-dollar business that helps brands of all sizes connect with their customers.

Exclusive Advertising Campaigns is that original idea on a global scale – it harnesses the power and reach of mega-followed celebrities to help brands build awareness, benefit from our natural desire to be more like those we look up to through influencer marketing, and of course, gain even further attention through the human natural desire to win and get something for free.

Over the past five years, International Loops has grown to become an industry leader in influencer marketing, renowned not only for its successful, cost-effective high-profile campaigns, but its integrity and transparency, as well.

International Loops does this by remembering that it’s better to under-promise and overdeliver, and brands they’ve worked with have affordably seen incredible results. International Loops provides for its clients affordable, hassle-free access to the most famous and effective celebrity influencers on the planet. With careful attention to the overlap between the universe of the client’s potential customers and the general demographic of a given influencer’s followers, International Loops and its clients work hand-in-hand to reach social media users who are bona-fide potential customers for the client.

If you think an exclusive advertising campaign may be the next big move for your brand, then you need to head to to learn more, or follow International Loops on Instagram.

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