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How Entrepreneur Scott Popescu Took Over Social Media With BrookHaven Media

Published on April 16, 2021

Social media is setting the trend in marketing for brands and products. It has become a popular medium to reach an audience of diverse demographics around the world. With the rising popularity of social media platforms, more and more people are looking at them to discover new business opportunities. This interest among people has led them on an exploration to understand social media platforms and gain expertise in them. These people are social media influencers who can create viral content and get numerous subscribers. All these may seem tricky but the secret is the strategy that they have mastered.

One such popular social media influencer is Scott Popescu. He is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who owns a digital marketing agency called BrookHaven Media. Ever since social media platforms started popping up, Scott was on many of them trying to understand how they worked and what kind of content attracted an audience. He wanted to explore more. As the popularity of social media gradually grew, Scott was tempted to start his first business venture, a digital marketing agency.

BrookHaven Media was not an instant success as Scott Popescu had planned. He had faced several challenges to get his business to be noticed among clients. The first step towards this was his attempt to become a social media influencer himself. Scott realized that there were not many digital agencies that were originally driven by a well-known social media influencer. If he can become one, then he can show that he leads his company by example. He realized that he can enter deals with high-end clients by showing them the caliber of his personal success. Secondly, Scott thought that it would be much easier for him to promote all content of BrookHaven Media using his already gained social media popularity.

Scott Popescu worked hard with a consistent focus for years to take the company to where it is now. He always believes that hard work pays off in some form or the other. People will always be there to criticize or bring someone down but with dedication and determination, one can truly achieve one’s goal.

Today, BrookHaven Media, the digital marketing agency founded by Scott Popescu is working with A-list clients. From conducting popular marketing campaigns to creating viral TikTok dance videos, the digital marketing agency can do it all.

Scott Popescu is now earning a seven-figure revenue from numerous brands through BrookHaven Media. He has managed to get millions of followers on his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Scott ensures that everything his agency promotes grabs a lot of attention within a short period of time. This has set his agency apart from the others in the competition.

Scott Popescu, as an entrepreneur and influencer is proud of his dedicated team. He believes that social media is a constantly changing platform. What works today may not work tomorrow, so he must keep himself updated with the trend. Scott is optimistic about his future plans and wants to continue his journey with BrookHaven Media.

Scott Popescu knows that gratitude is the key to success and so he is thankful to everyone who has been a part of his journey to success. He believes that the road to success is through trial and error, and one should never be afraid of obstacles to achieve their goal.

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