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How Christine Abdelmalek Created the Brand Pink Papyrus

Published on June 03, 2021

Christine Abdelmalek is the owner and founder of Pink Papyrus, a brand that boasts attractive, brightly colored pet accessories. Her efforts to create fun and fashionable products for pets to wear and owners to enjoy have received a lot of attention from dog owners looking to express their creativity. The company believes that dog accessories can be just as cute as their owners’.

The idea for a dog accessory brand came to Christine for a multitude of reasons. She’s married to a veterinarian, is constantly surrounded by pets, and needed a place to invest her creative spirit. The final spark came when she saw someone walking their dog with, to put it bluntly, an ugly leash. Thus began the idea of Pink Papyrus.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Christine was working as a licensed pharmacist. She began this career journey when she was just 17, and even graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy. While she enjoyed her steady job as a pharmacist, there was something still nagging at her. When Pink Papyrus became more and more successful, Christine had to make the tough decision to leave her reliable pharmacy job and jump into her brand-new business. But armed with the determination to let her creative skills flourish, Christine worked alongside her husband to scale Pink Papyrus into what it is today.

Pink Papyrus is recognized as a successful brand for pet products across the U.S and Canada, and their products are offered in more than 1,000 PetSmart stores. Their cruelty-free products are made with vegan leather and hand-spun cotton, making them safe for pets as well as for the environment. The products are also comfortable for pets, so they’ll enjoy wearing them. Pink Papyrus bandanas are made with soft fabric, and the company tests every zipper, buckle, and hook before incorporating it into their products.

The items at Pink Papyrus are handcrafted with trendy designs and vibrant colors that will complement any coat of fur. The range of products includes leashes, collars, bandanas, dog shirts, and waste bag holders.

One of Pink Papyrus’s most creative products is their waste bag holder, called the BFF Mini. This accessory is so adorable it doesn’t even look like a waste bag holder. The BFF Mini is designed to meet the needs of pets and their owners during long walks. It has space for carrying waste bags, keys, credit cards, hand sanitizer, tissues, and more. This convenient pouch comes in numerous colors and can clip right onto a leash.

Every product of Pink Papyrus is designed with the utmost care. This is the reason the brand is experiencing continued success. Pink Papyrus has been featured in renowned publications like Forbes, Newsweek, Marie Claire, and International Business Times. Christine wants to expand the product range of Pink Papyrus by introducing more accessories. She aspires to make every pet accessory trendy, fashionable, and loved by both pets and owners.

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