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Alan Puac a.k.a Mpax. © Bayron Puac

Houston Producer’s Song Takes Off on TikTok

TikTok clip has been liked/hearted over 1.5M times and shared by approximately 16,500 users

Published on October 12, 2020

Although Alan Puac a.k.a Mpax and his team did not specifically create “Limits the Sky” to be used in a beauty blogger’s 15-second video, they’re extremely happy the song found a home there.

According to TikTok’s public statistics, the clip has been liked/hearted over 1.5 million times and shared by approximately 16,500 users. Because the social media site credits Alan Puac’s creation under his artist name, Mpax, it has allowed viewers to easily search him on streaming sites where they can enjoy the complete composition.

“We’ve definitely noticed a spike in listens since the song has been used by Truly Beauty and so many others,” Mpax said. “Social media is a great marketing tool – even if you can’t always predict what will go viral.”

The song has been included in TikTok videos by Foundr, Complex, Food Network, and Pop Buzz to just name a few. The inspirationally-driven instrumental makes for a fitting music bed.

“Limits the Sky” includes vocals from Nico Santana and Terrell Burt and is co-produced with Joshua Cruz a.k.a ProdByTXL. Mpax Productions and its partners have also found success via media placements in TV shows and movies on Netflix such as Spencer Confidential & Outer Banks, two of their recent placements.

Mpax Productions is a music production company that specializes in helping any size of business create music branding for their products or services. They have worked with companies as big as MLB’s Houston Astros to small businesses such as MP Tires2You who are based in Tampa, FL.

Alan Puac, a University of Houston graduate of Guatemalan descent, has always been taught at a young age to never give up on his dreams. Even though he is a minority and has faced many obstacles, that has not stopped him from reaching for the sky.

“It’s so great to play a part in connecting different people and helping them use their individual talents toward a common goal,” Mpax said. “We must never give up on what we believe in and strive to reach out dreams. Once we understand that – the ‘Limits the Sky.'”

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