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Hottest Hell Tours Highlight the True Stories of New Orleans

Published on August 27, 2021

Travel is an education that makes any experience worthwhile. What is utterly disturbing about this experience is when tour guides fake information and manipulate facts to make it more appealing for tourists. The truth is profit-driven travel companies are into this kind of fake business, especially while conducting haunting tours. New Orleans has a rich past that makes it intriguing for people to explore the city. This is where Hottest Hell Tours has stepped in to help tourists know the facts that they deserve to know.

Hottest Hell Tours was initially a social organization working for other travel companies organizing haunted tours. The organization operated by educating tourists on well-researched facts rather than fiction. Every member of Hottest Hell Tours has in-depth knowledge about every historical event and monument in New Orleans. It is this attitude of the organization that was not welcomed by some greedy travel organizations. This eventually led to the foundation of the company.

The company was founded just a few months before the pandemic hit the world, crippling economies and setting strict travel restrictions. This was, by far, one of the biggest challenges for Hottest Hell Tours. The company was true to its mission to tell stories of the original history of New Orleans without fabrication. Even if they could not conduct physical guided tours, they used the virtual platform to help people discover the intriguing secrets of New Orleans through Podcasts. It was an instant hit among history lovers and adventurers as they got to know the real past of New Orleans.

Unlike other agencies or companies operating in this space, Hottest Hell Tours is leading the way with an improved story-telling style that is not fabricated or sensationalized. Even if they are meeting a traveler for the first and last time, the company stays laser-focused on its mission to uphold the real history of the city. They ensure their clients get what they pay for.

It is because of Hottest Hell Tours’ real haunted stories, the company is leading the way in Louisiana. Soon, it is planning to open franchises across New Orleans and reach people beyond geographical borders to share the real past of New Orleans.

Hottest Hell Tours is owned and managed by minority individuals who strive to impart information that is not sanitized or whitewashed. Every member of Hottest Hell Tours has zero tolerance for fake information as they have high respect for the past of New Orleans. All the city tours, especially the haunted ones conducted by the company are based on diligent research and study of the city and its past. Hottest Hell Tours can provide facts to back the information they share with their tourists.

Going forward, Hottest Hell Tours is planning to focus more on unsolved mysteries. The company doesn’t believe in luring tourists for profit, instead, they want their clients to get value for their money. Hottest Hell Tours will soon expand beyond the state and widen its exposure through intriguing podcasts.

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