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Horus Revolutionizes the Watch Industry With Modernized Luxury Watch Straps

Published on April 04, 2021

To any watch enthusiast, a stylish watch strap is an essential addition to their watches. Watch straps no longer only play the apparent function of keeping the watch in its place to allow users to tell time by glancing at their wrists. They are now an aesthetic addition to complement the look of the watch. Luxury fashion enthusiasts focus on modern straps for premium luxury watches. Horus is one company leading the revolution in new-age watch straps bringing more attractiveness and uniqueness to classy Swiss watches.

Horus Watch Straps is a premium luxury watch company that produces unique luxury watch straps for Swiss watches such as Rolex, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet. Horus made its breakthrough into the watch industry by being the first company to incorporate bright blue, bright red, and camo suedes on straps for Swiss watches. The CEO and founder of the company, Mark Margulies, always had a passion for luxury leather goods from an early age. A business-oriented person, Mark envisioned colored watch straps dominating the watch industry. He also saw the underlying potential with Instagram as a viable marketing channel and a potential market for luxury products when no luxury business was advertising on Instagram.

Horus is now the most sought-after luxury watch strap company with global superstars such as Meek Mill supporting their products. Horus prides itself in making unique straps that allow its customers to express their uniqueness. Their material engineering concept and prototyping capabilities enable them to produce straps that are prototyped and tested at the highest levels. Horus products are stylish and extra comfortable. The straps can be removed and replaced with ease, thus allowing owners to add new straps or keep the original straps from the watchmakers to showcase their style and class.

Horus strives to achieve perfection in all the processes because even a small error can compromise the user’s style and comfort. To ensure the quality of all its products, Horus tests each strap to ensure a perfect fitting. They offer their customers a lifetime warranty on all their products.

The various benefits that customers who shop at Horus enjoy include,

  • Lifetime Warranty: Horus offers a lifetime warranty to all its customers as a testament to show their confidence in their own products.
  • Fashion and Luxury Intertwined: Horus partners with fashion industry experts to keep themselves updated on luxury fashion trends.
  • High-quality Products: Quality is paramount to Horus. The brand pays close attention to the production processes to avoid any slips in quality. Their straps are made from well-engineered materials and prototyped and tested at the highest engineering levels.
  • Value: Being a company in the luxury industry, Horus ensures that its products are made aesthetically to give the users the anticipated value from luxury products.
  • Durability: The luxury watch straps by Horus are made from quality materials that guarantee high durability.
  • Variety: Since its inception, Horus has been thriving on creativity in designing and producing its watch straps. Their creativity levels are unmatched in the industry, and potential buyers are assured of a wide variety of modern straps to choose from.

Even though the luxury watch straps market has many competitors, Horus stands out as the company that is revolutionizing the space with its unique and aesthetic product offerings.

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