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Hollywood-to-Mumbai Filmmaker’s Short Film Celebrates Local Talent

Published on July 08, 2024

Vseant Nath, a filmmaker originally from Mumbai and currently based in Atlanta, USA, a growing filmmaking hub, has crafted a heartwarming short film that blends Hollywood precision with Indian soul. Shot on Mumbai’s lively streets, the film features local and international talent, offering a unique cinematic experience.

Adventure in a Vibrant City

Shooting in Mumbai was an exhilarating journey for Vseant. The city’s energy and diversity provided a compelling setting for a story exploring an NRI’s (Non-Resident Indian) bond with street children. Born in Mumbai and raised in Kentucky, Vseant returned to his roots, capturing the city’s essence and promoting local talent.

Honoring His Roots

Creating a film in Mumbai was personally significant for Vseant. “Mumbai holds a special place in my heart,” he remarked. “Highlighting the city’s charm and the resilience of its people was an honor.”

Supporting Local Artists

Committed to working with Mumbai’s emerging actors, Vseant cast local talent, providing a platform for aspiring performers to showcase their skills. The film connected young artists with international filmmaking standards.

A Story of Compassion and Resilience

The narrative follows an NRI who befriends street kids during his Mumbai visits. Their bond strengthens, culminating in a poignant moment when the NRI, mourning his father’s death, invites the kids to his home for a meal, bridging societal divides.

Years later, the NRI returns to find the street kids have become successful chefs, their transformation sparked by his past kindness. This emotional crux forms the heart of the story.

Celebrating Culture and Talent

Vseant’s film is more than a narrative; it celebrates Mumbai’s culture and its residents’ potential, resonating with authenticity and emotional depth.

Vseant Nath

Vseant Nath

Bio: Vseant Nath Actor/Writer/Producer/Director :

My filmmaking journey, inspired by my grandmother’s tales, began in India and Kentucky, USA. After her passing in 2019, and a spiritual trip to Tokyo, I committed to storytelling. I studied Film Directing at the New York Film Academy and pursued a career blending acting, directing, and producing. Now, as a Film Producer with 10 short films, I continue to share exciting and humorous stories.

For collab, please get in touch with Vseant: or @vanpackproductions on Instagram.

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