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HipHopGamer and Morris Chestnut discuss Our Kind of People and FURIA Esports

Published on September 24, 2021

Morris Chestnut stars opposite Yaya DeCosta as part of the new drama series Our Kind of People. Executive produced by Lee Daniels, 20th Television, and Fox Entertainment, the series is written and directed by Karin Gist. Morris Chestnut plays the role of Raymond Dupont.

“Our Kind of People: Life in America’s Black Upper Class,” written by Lawrence Otis Graham, became a New York Times bestseller and inspired the Lee Daniels TV project.

Lawrence Otis Graham was a brilliant Ivy League-educated scholar who rose to prominence in the ’90s by analyzing complicated tensions surrounding Black excellence and prosperity.

In the book “Our Kind of People: Life in America’s Black Upper Class,” he underscores the fine line between living in a white society and preserving Black culture.

His poignantly insightful analyses of class, race and the racial divide in African-Americans positioned him as one of the most widely read and discussed authors of the 1990s.

Lawrence Otis Graham died at the age of 59; however, his legacy empowers and educates both versions of America.

The new Fox drama series revolves around Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, an area where black elites have gathered for over 50 years to unwind and play.

World-Renowned Gamer and critically acclaimed journalist HipHopGamer sits down with Hollywood Icon Morris Chesnut to discuss the show, gaming, and life lessons.

HipHopGamer never disappoints with his unparalleled high energy charisma, intriguing questions, and humility.

During the interview, Morris Chesnut lets us know if he’s an XBOX or PlayStation fan. Morris also expresses his genuine interest in gaming and future involvement. HipHopGamer also talks about the Brazilian Esports Giant FURIA and their latest business moves.

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