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Harness the Power of Satellites With SkyTNT Technologies

Published on July 23, 2021

What is SkyTNT Technologies?

SkyTNT is a new and innovative way of harnessing the power of satellites. It combines the use of IoT and AI to accurately implement targeted and result-oriented strategies. These strategies are then uploaded and enacted through SkyTNT’s network of advanced zeppelins. While SkyTNT isn’t the first company to use zeppelins, it’s the first to design and combine them with smart technology.

Some of the most well-known blimps are the Goodyear blimps, and they can often be seen flying over large sporting events and high-traffic areas. The Goodyear blimps are responsible for bringing in millions of dollars in revenue every year thanks to their placement and the exposure they provide. Unfortunately, these types of zeppelins cost a considerable amount of money to maintain and run.

That’s why SkyTNT has focused on designing a smaller and more lightweight alternative that operates off of renewable energy sources. These Advanced Zeppelins incorporate modern technology and use it in new and effective ways.

SkyTNT Technologies is based out of Montreal, Canada, and is led by founder and CEO Mohamed Messaoudi Dhiaeddine. Dhiaeddine is a Ph.D. student from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC) with over a decade of experience in IT and working with startups. Under his leadership, SkyTNT has gone from a simple idea to a fully-fledged company and product.

The many applications of SkyTNT

The Advanced Zeppelins can operate as much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly satellites. These satellites can be used in a wide variety of applications and could very well be a mainstay in smart cities and future development.


The Advanced Zeppelins can be used to provide features like live streaming video, and AI-power detection for recognition of objects, drones, and even cruise missiles. These zeppelins could be a considerable asset to security teams, law enforcement agencies, and more. While drones may be a good option for short-term operations, SkyTNT zeppelins provide a much more effective long-term solution thanks to built-in solar panels that can maintain the vehicle for at least three days.


Another useful application for SkyTNT’s Advanced Zeppelins is observation, forecasting, and transportation planning. The zeppelins can be used to monitor traffic conditions throughout the city and report the information back in real-time. Parking lots can use zeppelins to monitor the number of cars parked and alert when the lot is full, as well as numerous other uses.


Artificial intelligence has been proven to help diagnose and treat illness. AI-power machines are able to detect disease patterns by looking at a variety of information including MRIs and X-rays. SkyTNT seeks to incorporate this technology to provide better e-health services to hospitals and patients alike.


With the use of AI and IoT, SkyTNT can collect a wide variety of information and report it almost immediately. Businesses can have streamlined data at their fingertips, all from an overhead vantage point. This can give companies much more reliable data as well as real-time alerts for situations or events that need tracking. This can be used in mapping, real estate, and much more. This data has countless uses and applications which will empower businesses well into the future.


Forecasting the weather isn’t an easy feat, and oftentimes the weatherman doesn’t quite get it right. SkyTNT Technologies looks to provide better weather forecasting including more advanced tracking of severe weather. AI forecasting can help ensure people have more time to prepare for these types of weather conditions


Marketing has always been a competitive market, but today it’s incredibly overcrowded. Despite the countless advertisement platforms businesses have access to, it’s quite challenging to set yourself apart from the noise. Consumers see hundreds of ads every single day, on Facebook, TV, websites, and more. The overwhelming amount of ads has made many consumers “numb” to their presence, leading to less engagement and conversions.

SkyTNT seeks to disrupt the marketing industry by combining the power of AI, IoT, and machine learning to make automated decisions by collecting data over time. Using their Advanced Zeppelins, SkyTNT can collect data such as the number of cars entering a market and how much they buy. This can provide excellent information to businesses so they can better optimize their sales process and more.

How is it accomplished?

SkyTNT currently has two separate Advanced Zeppelins it uses, the SkyTNT and the Cityllite zeppelins.

The SkyTNT zeppelin is a 6-8 meter vehicle that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The Cityllite zeppelin is smaller at 1-2 meters in size which allows it to be more versatile. Both zeppelins come with solar panels that provide clean and renewable energy sources and provide power for a minimum of 3 days.

Zeppelins provide several advantages over typical orbital satellites. For one, they are much closer to the ground so data can be transmitted much quicker. They are also more cost-effective due to the fact they don’t have to be put into orbit and can be simply launched from the ground. Zeppelins can receive regular maintenance and upgrades which adds to their longevity and usefulness.

Being closer to the ground also allows these Advanced Zeppelins to collect more accurate data and provide better video footage of the area. Their use of renewable energy also makes them the perfect environmentally friendly choice for a more sustainable future.

The future of SkyTNT Technologies

The SkyTNT Token

The SkyTNT token uses the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to provide investors and customers a more reliable solution. The token was created to power SkyTNT Technologies and allow for continued innovation. For more information contact SkyTNT Technologies.

SkyTNT strategic planning

As a startup, planning and setting expectations is integral to the launch of a successful product. That’s why SkyTNT Technologies has laid out an in-depth plan for its initial move to market.

Year 1

SkyTNT plans on launching its first Cityllite zeppelin in July of 2022. This will provide a basis for all product launches and manufacturing going forward. It will also provide a good timeline for additional objectives and future goals for SkyTNT Technologies.

18 Months

Bring the SkyTNT and Cityllite models to market and begin publicly selling our cryptocurrency token. By the beginning of 2023, the SkyTNT team aims to fully implement worldwide trading of its cryptocurrency as well as begin selling both of its zeppelins to the open market.

22 Months

At 22 months, SkyTNT plans on releasing and selling a dedicated SkyTNT miner to better establish and promote its cryptocurrency. This dedicated miner will not only allow for easier mining of cryptocurrency but will better establish the company as a reliable and trusted source in the cryptocurrency field.

SkyTNT Technologies seeks to revolutionize a number of industries with its groundbreaking technology. The Advanced Zepellins provide a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to satellites to help empower businesses from a wide variety of industries. To learn more please visit our website and see how we can serve you.

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