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Guy Leon Sheetrit. © Guac Digital

Guac Digital Expected to Lead The Digital Marketing Industry in Tampa, Florida in 2021

Published on February 08, 2021

Under the leadership of its CEO and founder, Guy Leon Sheetrit, Guac Digital is expected to have a huge year offering its digital marketing services to online business owners in 2021. The company has had an explosive rise that has seen them bag partnerships with Google and Wix.

Guac Digital offers tailored lead generation services to small and large scale businesses in Tampa, Florida. The company owes much of its success to Mr. Sheetrit’s expertise and experience in digital marketing. His ability to accurately determine market trends and create personalized campaigns to help business owners improve their productivity has been hailed by many.

With marketing becoming heavily reliant on the internet, digital marketing agencies like Guac Digital are responsible for helping small, large businesses find ways to grow steadily. Considering that Guac Digital has a stellar reputation for its affordable but effective marketing services, it is expected that they will be at the forefront of the trending digital marketing industry.

Much like 2020, Guac Digital started 2021 with a bang. The company earned recognition as a top Google partner and a rising star among B2B providers in the digital marketing industry. Not only does the company know how to use trending strategies, but the team at Guac Digital is also equally adept at developing new marketing tactics.

After many years in the digital marketing industry, Mr. Sheetrit, Guac Digital’s CEO, inevitably formed his thought about online marketing. He stated that online marketing is not just about promoting content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Tik-Tok. He disclosed that the real magic lies in identifying the platforms that resonate best with a business or product. Using this method, he has managed to generate countless quality leads for his clients under Guac Digital.

Guac Digital offers a range of services that include web design, branding, social media, SEO, and content marketing. The company is a programmatic marketing agency that designs, builds, and manages cutting-edge campaigns & websites for all sorts of businesses and industries. Whether it is a small, medium, or large scale business, the Guac Digital team can tailor its services to help business owners move ahead of their competition.

Guac Digital was founded by Guy, who first developed some passion for digital marketing when he attended the Geva College of Marketing & Communications in Tel Aviv in 2014. He served in the Israeli army as a paratrooper, and after leaving, he explored the digital marketing industry looking to identify the best marketing strategies to help businesses grow. His passion grew stronger for digital marketing when. Guy works with an interesting philosophy, which he fondly calls the “T Shaped Marketer” – capable at multiple channels but specializing in a select few. It was with this in mind that he set up Guac Digital and says:

“I wanted Guac to be a resource that handles it all and leaves our clients feeling like they’re in the hands of experts.”

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