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Groundbreaking Designer Kelly Wearstler to Teach First Interior Design Class

Expands lifestyle category with unique approach to the fundamentals of interior design

Published on March 24, 2020

MasterClass, the platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best, today announced that award-winning designer Kelly Wearstler will teach interior design. Using examples from some of her most iconic residential and commercial projects, and diving into details around the use of pattern, light, materials, architecture, and furniture, Wearstler will share tips and tricks for making a small space feel larger, choosing the right colors for your rooms, starting an art collection, and using space to tell a story. Wearstler’s class is now available exclusively at, and students can subscribe for unlimited access to all new and existing 80+ classes through the All-Access Pass. MasterClass categories include business, culinary arts, film & television, music & entertainment, photography, sports and more.

“Kelly’s design style is recognizable as soon as you step in the room,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “Her MasterClass gives students a rare opportunity to see how she puts together a room piece by piece.”

Wearstler, founder and principal of the Kelly Wearstler design studio, is an internationally recognized American designer. Through an exploration of color, forms and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic and instinctual, she curates a wealth of experiences into every space. Wearstler is credited as being one of the driving forces behind the rise of the designer hotel in the early 2000s with her provocative concepts and expressive narratives, which are a signature of her extensive body of work. Wearstler is currently designing for a new age of elevated residential hotel living with a distinctive vision of authentic cultural immersion and site-specific design. Some of her accolades include Elle Décor’s A-List, Architectural Digest’s AD100, AD Spain Top International Designer, Wallpaper Magazine Top 20 Designers, Time Magazine The Design 100, Travel & Leisure It List, Condé Nast Traveler Hot List and Vogue’s Best Dressed List.

“I hope my MasterClass helps take some of the mystery out of design,” said Kelly Wearstler. “I want students to feel empowered to take risks and have the confidence to make design decisions that will make their home beautiful living experience.”

Wearstler’s MasterClass helps students approach their own design process with the same curiosity and passion that she approaches all her projects — whether she’s working on a client’s home or a large-scale hotel project. From her own living room to the construction site of her latest commercial project, the Proper Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Wearstler takes students on field trips into her interior designs to bring her lessons on working with space, texture, and color to life. She teaches students how to embrace awkward spaces and make a small space feel larger, how to bring color into a home — even if it’s just an accent wall or the ceiling — and how to incorporate texture in the design. Wearstler will also share how to work with natural light, create a mood with dimmability, and what lightbulb options and accents to consider. MasterClass students will walk away from the class feeling inspired by Wearstler’s curiosity and eager to apply her lessons to their own homes.

Wearstler’s MasterClass joins the 80+ classes taught by world-renowned instructors on culinary arts, photography, writing, performance, and much more. Each MasterClass has digestible video lessons sized to fit into any part of your day and cinematic visuals with close-up, hands-on demonstrations that make you feel one-on-one with the instructor. The All-Access Pass gives you access to every MasterClass and new ones as they launch. Learn on the go with mobile apps or in the comfort of your home with Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Subscribe to greatness at

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