GLabs Shares the Importance of NFT Project Greedy Gramps Offering Real-Life Utility in the Crypto Space

Published on January 17, 2022

With a greater interest in non-fungible tokens and the idea of having ownership over something valuable, more people from countries across the globe are looking forward to getting more involved in NFT projects. Greedy Gramps is one of those projects that looks forward to revolutionizing the experience for investors who’d like to become NFT holders while reaping countless benefits. The team members behind the project have worked tirelessly to create a next-level experience that goes from traditional crypto investing to genuine life experiences in the real world.

“We’re taking a new approach and revolutionizing the experience of investing in NFTs. Of course, people make these investments because they want to support artists and take ownership of something important. However, we’re bringing utility into the crypto space to ensure that our holders benefit from the investment in multiple ways. Our holders can gain access to things they never thought possible, such as free hotel nights, retails discounts, concierge services, backstage access, meet and greets with celebrities, and much more,” says Basti, Co-Founder of the Greedy Gramps NFT project. “Not many NFT projects include utility, but we’ve decided to do it because we want to enhance the experience of investing while making it easier for everyone to get in on such an incredible opportunity. People can look forward to NFT ownership and have access to neat opportunities because of that ownership.”

The team members have put forth their best collaborative efforts while developing ideas for rewards that holders can enjoy, leading to five separate benefit categories. The categories include Crypto Investment Opportunities, Hype Collaborations, Money Can’t Buy Moments, Lifechanger, and Greedy Originals, all of which have something unique to offer. In addition to collaborating, the project’s team members have worked with successful crypto experts as advisors to turn this project into what it has become.

In addition to focusing on providing better experiences that give investors opportunities to do what they love and get things for free because they’ve become NFT holders, the Greedy Gramps team has created one-of-a-kind artwork designed to replicate the appearance of humans. “Our team thinks it’s important to be close to reality. We want people to identify with the project from start to finish, so we decided to use this unique artwork instead of relying on animals to represent Greedy Gramps. The artwork represents what humans will look like 20 years from now and is so unique that we’ve already had it featured during Art Basel Week in Miami,” shares Basti.

While it’s rare to find real-life utility in NFT projects, the Greedy Gramps team has decided to set the bar high while speaking to mainstream people and humanizing the use of NFTs to make them more accessible. From the team’s iconic artwork to the outstanding benefits offered to holders, it makes sense why most would want to take advantage of such a unique opportunity to get in on this project and invest. The team will continue to build a solid community around the project while maintaining and developing strong partnerships to succeed in the crypto space.

Newsdesk Editor