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Gil Rabbi. © Ilan Spira

Gil Rabbi Will Bring No-Coding to the User Engagement Field

Published on November 05, 2021

With the huge success of companies that give the option to create websites without knowledge, another startup, now a new Israeli startup, Storycards, led by one of Israel’s digital pioneers, Gil Rabbi, is making a bold attempt to do the same but in the world of engagement, so on Storycards you can’t create a regular website, Storycards focuses on products that create engagement with users such as trivia, quizzes, forms and more. These engagement assets can then be embedded in any website.

Although in the past we all had to use the services of web development companies, today we use platforms that allow us to create websites easily and simply without any technical knowledge.

Engagement products increase the time that we spend inside websites and on the other have given the ability to the brands or the website owner to create smarter segments based on our choices.

Storycards was founded by Gil Rabbi, who is considered one of the Israeli experts in creating digital products that improve engagement. His main specialty over the last decade has been how to make users stay longer on sites and apps, making them more involved in content, while on the other hand, he allows website and apps owners to get more information about their users.

Rabbi developed products that engaged over 5 million people every month, including products for Eurovision and the Rising Star TV format that enabled hundreds of thousands of viewers to participate in real-time.

Rabbi takes all the knowledge he accumulated over the years in his companies into creating a platform that allows anyone without any designing or development knowledge to produce digital products that creates engagement with its users. This means any brand or website can create smart products and improve its communication with users without any technological knowledge.

Storycards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no code.

“Our vision is to enable anyone to use our knowledge automatically through the platform we have created without having to use the services we have provided to our customers around the world over the past decade,” says Rabbi.

“In 2018, we felt we were repeating the same work with similar development logic, but with a different user experience and design for each client. We knew there must be a better way to streamline our work.”

The advantage of Storycards apart from the ability to create the products without the need for development, is the artificial intelligence. Basically, the platform has the ability to give feedback on how to improve the product and how to increase the level of engagement with the site users. Storycards will give a score for the product you have created on the platform, show you what users are doing with it and what should be improved, in real time.

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