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Jessica Knedel

Get to Know Sacramento’s Up and Coming Top Model, Jessica Knedel

Published on July 25, 2022

When you look at Jessica Knedel’s Instagram profile, you’ll see everything you might expect of a successful influencer and model – a polished brand, an outgoing lifestyle, and unrivaled modeling skills. But look deeper and you’ll also see what makes Jessica far more interesting that it earned her the love and admiration of her followers.

Jessica Knedel is a model and influencer, recently voted Sacramento’s next up-and-coming top model. A true California girl, she is either enjoying the waves, soaking up the sun, or spending the weekend with some wine and friends. Beyond the cohesive Instagram grid, it’s her authenticity that really captures the hearts of more than 155K followers.

Very early in life, Jessica already had what it took to be a successful model. Only 8 years ago, she started creating content for Instagram and already demonstrated that she could work the camera the way celebrity top models would. A few years later, she earns herself recognition and sponsorships as a known influencer and model.

Jessica remembers what it was like before all the glitz and glamour happened for her. She knew that inspiring people through her story was always what she wanted to do, but the demands of social media weren’t always easily met. People didn’t always care about what she had to say, and there was very little opportunity to demonstrate her talents. But Jessica took it all in stride. “Be yourself and work hard and the rest will come,” she says.

Difficulties abound, Jessica never forgets to dream big. “I dream of walking down the runway in New York for Fashion Week one day,” she says when asked where she sees herself in a few years. With huge talent and an even bigger heart, the road to that goal is paved for her.

Editorial Director, RH Style