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George Marciano’s New Book Al Fin Feliz: Vivid Memoir of the Author’s Graceful, Well-Lived Life

George is an author who was born in Coatepeque, El Salvador. He is also a poet, writer, and journalist

Published on December 30, 2020

George Marciano initiates his autobiography with the title Al Fin Feliz. He divides his book into three parts; each one contains a sincere message from someone who, according to his own words, has descended to a bottom full of failures, emphasizing the tenacity of his will to overcome his problems of alcoholism.

You have to read the book and delve into the pages full of authenticity, whose narrative is vividly descriptive in the succession of events and experiences almost unheard of—ups and downs in experiences that left indelible marks on the soul of the author. Whatever was the anvil on which his spirit was forged, it transformed his personality, shaping the character and capacity of the man who later emerges as a multifaceted diamond.

George Marciano—poet, writer, journalist, benefactor, citizen, faultless, and friend of all. Health!

Published by Page Publishing, George Marciano’s new book Al Fin Feliz imparts the author’s evoking and treasured moments in life that reveal hope, faith, and unyielding determination that allowed triumph reign amid the struggles faced.

Consumers who wish to find courage by learning a man’s unequivocal fortitude can purchase Al Fin Feliz online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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