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Gabriel & Co. + Donna Karan: Everyday Ease

Interview With Donna Karan

Published on May 05, 2019

Gabriel & Co., the most trusted leader of bridal and fashion fine jewelry world, is elated and honored to feature in this month’s FASHION NEWS: DESIGNER FLASH one of the greatest talents in the history of American fashion – Donna Karan. Here is a woman who almost singlehandedly reimagined the way modern, working women dressed. Her tailoring was soft instead of masculine, her fabrics were sultry and full of stretch instead of mannish and hard. Karan demanded that you didn’t leave your femininity outside your office door. As revolutionary as that concept was, Karan said to all America women, whether working or not, whether old or young, large or small, petite or busty, show off your curves, show the world what real women look like and aren’t we magnificent!

In this new phase of her career, Karan has not only gone back to the roots of her Seven Easy Pieces collection, but she has infused it with a philosophy in harmony with wellness, finding the simplicity and versatility of life, it’s desire for flexibility, comfort and the calm that comes with true elegance that makes Karan’s new Urban Zen, such a sinuous and sensual fit for Gabriel’s Fine Jewelry Everyday. The way Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel’s Global Style Director sees it, this matchup allows you to “be ready to go anywhere at any time because what you’re wearing suits so many occasions, stay as long as you like because you are so comfortable while looking your best. With Urban Zen and Gabriel & Co.’s Fine Jewelry Everyday you’ll find yourself blissful in your own world of glorious ease.”

The complete FASHION NEWS: DESIGNER FLASH collection brings creators from all walks of life and style together to showcase Gabriel & Co.’s wide range of offerings. Each fashion designer-dedicated web page features four parts: a written interview; the designer’s selection of five new jewels from Gabriel & Co., along with a statement on each piece; the podcast, which can be viewed and downloaded; and a #GabrielNY section, which highlights each piece that the designers used to style the model in the on-page photos. Past installments have highlighted legendary iconic brands such as Max Mara, Badgley Mischka, Norma Kamali and Tommy Hilfiger.

The interview and podcast featuring Hal and Donna Karan is online now, available HERE.

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