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G7FX Founder Neerav Vadera Is Providing Clarity in FX and Futures Trading

How the program G7FX and it's creator Neerav Vadera are making strides to provide clarity in FX and futures trading going forward

Published on September 27, 2021

Trading in the financial marketplace seems fun and exciting. Every day there are thousands of articles and news posts discussing a plethora of potential market drivers. For example; earnings beating estimates, monetary policy announcements, inflation rate changes. The list is endless but what does this news even mean? Does it mean to buy something, sell something? Invest in something? Read on to find out how Neerav Vadera and G7FX are answering these questions.

There’s still a huge cloud when it comes to trading anything. There is also a lot of noise out there that can distract individuals from finding the right type of education. One to help them begin their journey to doing anything related to investing. This is nothing new. After all, there are so many videos showing how sexy and amazing being a trader can be that gets people interested and ready to sign up for any form of training.

The reality of trading

The reality is very different. The first trade happens, you lose money. Or you make money, cash out, and then what do you do? Trading is a long term game. This is the major problem when getting information from so-called ‘experts’. The information is based on random variables such as technical analysis that has no place in professional forms of trading. These retail methods fail to show us the true cause of market gyrations.

The truth is all we can do is continue learning and educating ourselves but it takes time and research to find the right path.

Ok, which path is the right one?

That all depends on what you want to trade. This means you need to decide on what market you’re going to trade and the vehicle. Fixed income? Commodities? Equities? Spot, futures? Each one of these is its own particular beast and has its own educational path on becoming a professional trader. What we’re going to look at are arguably the most lucrative markets for those that put in the time and effort, the foreign exchange and futures markets.

Enter G7FX

When one is selecting an expert to learn from, they should always look for someone that has the combination of institutional education, as well as the track record to prove it. Neerav Vadera is exactly one of those types of people. He was in the trenches for several years working for one of the largest investment banks in the world. Working in a department that managed around 10% of the entire foreign exchange market globally.

Just to relate that into actual money, that equates to about $3-$5 trillion, depending on the value of the dollar that day. He also worked on expanding his education to cover all three levels of the CFA exam. This makes him an expert in not only the core fundamentals of financial knowledge and investment valuation, but also shows him knowledgeable in portfolio management.

What does the G7FX program cover?

Neerav Vadera shares his knowledge and experience with his proprietary program G7FX in two levels, Foundation and Pro. Both of these courses remove the traditional retail training mentality that many educational outposts offer. His focus comes with getting you in the trenches on day one and learning how to be not only a trader but a successful one. He blends numerous financial FX trading terms as well as providing practical applications and scenarios of what will happen in numerous real-life situations.

He lays out the coursework in a way that every item that is taught is relative and usable when trading. And he does not leave you empty-handed either. Ensuring you have a proper toolkit with you at all times, even after the end of the course. One you can take with you and utilize with your daily trading.

Neerav understands the complications of these courses and is one of the few educators out there that will not impose a time limit on these courses. They are meant to be completed and finished at your own pace so that you can successfully understand what is being taught to you.

This sounds great! What’s next?

This is one of those possibilities where an institutional insider wants to share their knowledge in an educational format to help get you at a proper level before even making your first trade. He also understands by providing a support structure and for all those that are willing to learn, they will build their own support network through this. If there are any further questions that ever need to be answered, his company can always be reached directly.

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