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Fuze Bug Reviews – Best Insect Repellant Lamp? Fuze Bug Mosquito Killer Reviews

Published on June 10, 2021

Nature keeps a balance of everything so that people do not have to suffer owing to the consequences of imbalances. However, with changing climate worldwide, nature is evolving as well. Different regions of the world that used to stay cold for a more extended period now remain hot for longer durations and vice versa.

Though nature serves to calm humans, the insects manage to be a great source of annoyance to humans. Well, stating that insects are a vital part of the ecosystem, their existence bothers humans, especially those spending much of their outdoors.

Let’s suppose a young, passionate man is a wildlife photographer and has to spend most of his time in the woods. The Internet publishes brilliant photos of animals and several paragraphs on their lifestyles but never about the photographer who makes it possible for the people out in the world to experience different animals’ lives with such close views. None can imagine how he has to encounter multiple challenges while shooting the best shots of animals. One such challenge, though a minor one, can be tackling the mosquitoes in the woods.

Mosquitoes and other minute insects can make things complicated and unbearable for a wildlife photographer in the woods, but he has got to continue anyhow. Well, Fuze Bug – an insect repellant lamp can save his life from dangerous mosquitoes and insects owing to its exceptional functionality. If he has got his Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper and other necessities that he needs in the woods, he will do highly great for sure, without feeling troubled from the creepy insects around.

Fuze Bug Review

Fuze Bug Zapper is a two-in-one device that works wonders for several people, especially those who have to spend most of their time outdoors. However, some people might willingly spend their time outside, while others have to do it out of compulsion. Countries with cold climates throughout the year may not feel the need to introduce such insect repellant devices. Still, we believe that hotter countries need such insect repellants to increase mosquitoes linked to high temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, Fuze Bug is an insect repellant that serves the users two features; one is to provide them with enough light to enlighten the surroundings, and the second is killing the mosquitoes or other tiny, creepy insects. Being in the hands of a person sitting outside his house in the garden, Fuze Bug makes sure that it keeps the flies, mosquitoes, and any other insects out of reach from his surroundings.

Moreover, Fuze Bug is a rechargeable device that can work the entire day efficiently after being charged a single time only. Besides, the device’s exterior design is unique in that it makes it durable and resistant to damage, ensuring its carriage anywhere quickly!

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Fuze Bug – Key specifications

Like every device, Fuze Bug also possesses a few key specifications owing to which it has gained a great audience. Following are specifications of Fuze Bug that buyers must know, which also help them taking a firm and quick decision whether they should buy it or not;

  • Weight of the device = 198.44 grams.
  • Size/Dimensions = 6.8’’ x 3.5’’ inches (feasible to carry.)
  • Lamp’s brightness level = 6000 lumens.
  • Charging cable = USB cable type C.
  • Battery duration = max 20 hours. 
  • Battery’s capacity = 2000 mAH.
  • External body = plastic material.

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Fuze Bug – features that call buyer’s attention

Undoubtedly, seeing the increasing demand for Fuze Bug by the people who have more prolonged outdoor activities, maybe the device has succeeded enough to draw enough audience attention to make itself one of the best insect repellants in the market. Indeed, the device has gained such a great audience due to its unique features that buyers do not get in just a single device.

It is not about being a 2-in-1 device, but there is much more about Fuze Bug that calls buyers’ attention. Therefore, the following are the fantastic features of Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper owing to which it stands out among all the other insect repellants out there;

  • Portable/Rechargeable

As mentioned earlier, Fuze Bug comes with a type C USB cable and a charger that are important when charging the device. Without this cable, the buyer would not be able to recharge the insect repellant. When users set the device, they can make use of it for up to 24 hours. However, the activity of the battery also correlates with the duration of usage.

If someone is using the device for longer hours, they might notice that the battery does not last for precisely 24 hours, which is technically understandable. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, as long as the device works for 20 hours smoothly, indeed, the user has made the right purchase!

The feature that makes Fuze Bug ‘ portable’ is its handle, present at the top. The handle makes it easier for the users to carry the device wherever they want.

  • Waterproof & weather-proof

Buyers in need of an exceptionally excellent insect repellant have different demands regarding the device. Some might want a resistant external body of the device to not suffer from any interruption in usage. Fuze Bug is both waterproof and weather-proof because it can hold out against any possible weather conditions that too smoothly. Be it rain, snow, or stormy weather, Fuze Bug never leaves the user’s side.

Moreover, the flawlessness of the external body of Fuze Bug makes sure that no water or anything else enters the device and interrupts the function.

  • The lamp’s LED adjustable illumination

As mentioned earlier, Fuze Bug contains a LED light that serves the purpose of illumination around the lamp and works to attract insects towards it. Once the insects are in reach of the lamp’s light, the rays can quickly kill these. Moreover, the LED light of the device is adjustable. Users can adjust the brightness level as per their requirements.

Fuze Bug LED light comes with four adjustable settings per user’s preference, that is, 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100%. If a user wants a dim and dull light around, he/she can set the illumination settings as per need. The maximum illumination one can get from Fuze Bug LED lamp is 100%, giving a feeling of sun-filled light.

  • Easy to clean

Unsurprisingly, insect repellants contain a specific chamber that collects all the dead/trapped mosquitoes. So does Fuze Bug! Users can notice the upper portion of the device possesses a section where all the mosquitoes get trapped. Cleaning this chamber is a relatively easy and straightforward task, and users do not have to take any essential measures to perform it.

Moreover, it is crucial to clean the mosquito-trapping chamber of the device so that it continues to function efficiently.

  • Chemical-free manufacturing

Several people prefer buying a device/service not harmful for children because it is impossible to refrain from touching different things. Well, Fuze Bug has also won hearts in this delicate matter. That is, the device’s manufacturing is free from chemicals, which makes it safe for children. Even if children touch it, the device will not harm them in any way.

Moreover, buyers also consider it safe for children due to chemical-free manufacturing and double protective external bodies.

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Fuze Bug – working mechanism

As mentioned earlier, Fuze Bug contains LED light that works both as an illuminator and insect killer. There is a sensor inside the device, which starts working once you turn on the device. This sensor keeps detecting the movement of the insects around the lamp. The bulb emits 1000v, which is enough to compel mosquitoes to attract light. Once the mosquitoes come near the lamp, the LED rays catch and trap them in the top chamber. However, the users need to take out this chamber/tray and clean it after every use.

The LED’s illumination can cover up to 375 sq ft area, making sure that it traps as many mosquitoes as possible. According to Fuze Bug official website, it is the only insect repellant that can cover such a vast area around it. Moreover, the device does not emit any fragrance and light; therefore, it makes the device useable for allergic patients.

Fuze Bug – how to use guide

Fuze Bug is an effortless and straightforward device that does not require a complex setup. It is pretty user-friendly. Since the machine comes with a type C USB cable and a charger, the only thing that users need to ensure is charging it appropriately right after they buy it. Charging it enough makes it work for longer hours effectively.

Once the users charge the device enough and turn it on, they have to wait for a while before the light turns purple colored. The purple-colored light attracts the mosquitoes and traps them right away! Once they see no more mosquitoes present in the surroundings to create the nuisance, it would be best to turn it off to save the battery for later use if they are present in an outdoor area where electric sockets are not available.

Why do people need Fuze Bug?

First and foremost, this article is an unbiased review of Fuze Bug and indirectly mentions why people need Fuze Bug. The exterior design of the device makes it easy to carry anywhere. Besides, it also makes it resilient and resistant to every weather condition. The chemical-free manufacturing of Fuze Bug is excellent for children, and even if they touch it, the device does not cause them any harm.

Moreover, unlike other insect repellants, Fuze Bug is extremely easy to clean. Users have to pull out the tray, which traps the mosquitoes every time people use it. Above all, the user-friendly nature of the device is a win-win situation, and several people prefer to buy it because it is straightforward to set it up and use.

The reasonable and affordable price range of Fuze Bug is another reason why people need to buy this 2-in-1 device.

Fuze Bug – prices and where to purchase?

Fuze Bug comes at affordable prices, unlike other insect repellants. The device goes easy-on-pocket and makes sure that it provides the users with the promised features. Below is the pricing list of Fuze Bug, and it would be best if people buy it from the official website to avoid scams;

  • One unit of Fuze Bug = $38.99 (alpha package.)
  • Two units of Fuze Bug = $37.99 each (beta package.)
  • Three units of Fuze Bug = $35.99 each (gamma package.)
  • Four units of Fuze Bug = $33.99 each (delta package.)
  • Five units of Fuze Bug = $31.99 each (epsilon package.)

Moreover, Fuze Bug comes with a 90-day warranty. However, if someone wants to have extra security, he/she can purchase it by paying an additional amount. Besides, given the above packages, it is clear that buying these insect repellant lamps in bulk would surely save a good amount of money!

Fuze Bug Reviews – The Best Mosquito Zapper?

Insect repellant lamps are one of the ‘must haves’ necessities in the current times when the climate is constantly changing globally. People would never want to get themselves bitten by creepy mosquitoes and other insects while enjoying outdoor events.

Undoubtedly, Fuze Bug makes sure that it saves the users from every mosquito in the surrounding by attracting and then capturing them inside. The device manages to perform the task efficiently without producing any unbearable odor. Besides, the affordable price of the device also supports its high demand all over the world.

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