Forbes8 Announces Launch of New Platform for Entrepreneurs

Published on June 27, 2022

In November 2019, Forbes launched its streaming platform, a video-on-demand network that debuted a series of original content aimed at entrepreneurs. The network boasted thousands of videos at the time and, according to Forbes, was “the birth of a Netflix for entrepreneurs.”

In 2020, the network announced the launch of several documentary series, including Forbes Rap Mentors, Driven Against the Odds, Indie Nation and Titans on the Rocks, and shortly thereafter, the Forbes8 team decided to take that mission a step further with its new official news platform.

Today, the Forbes8 platform now boasts more than 4,000 pieces of content-including interviews with some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds like Arlan Hamilton, Sir Richard Branson and Quincy Jones-to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.

Forbes8 Announces Launch of New Platform for Entrepreneurs

Forbes8 offers information, tips, advice and tools to help entrepreneurs get started and accelerate their growth. Leveraging Forbes’ editorial expertise in championing entrepreneurial capitalism, Forbes8 features videos highlighting the best minds in business, all categorized into four distinct themes: Inspire, Launch, Grow and Impact. Intelligent machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities deliver a personalized experience at scale, creating customized playlists based on each individual’s needs and preferences.

The defining voice of entrepreneurial capitalism, Forbes champions success by celebrating those who have succeeded and those who aspire to succeed. Forbes convenes and selects the most influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are driving change, transforming business and making a significant impact on the world. The Forbes brand today reaches more than 120 million people around the world through its trusted journalism, LIVE events, custom marketing programs and 40 authorized local editions in 70 countries. Forbes Media’s brand extensions include real estate, education and financial services licensing agreements.

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