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Focusing on Social Responsibility, HungryPanda Aims to Improve Industrial Environment

Published on February 22, 2021

Food delivery is a service that is provided by the food and grocery companies to the consumers. These services can be done either by the website or mobile phone applications. There has been a significant rise in the number of people who order food delivery and takeout once a week, with the figure stood up to 60 percent in the global market in 2018. The concept of these food delivery services is mainly generated through apps and thus draws a pretty straightforward process of look for a dish and then ordering it from a restaurant (or cloud kitchen). The food delivery market is growing year by year and is also making wonder with their countless other food delivery startups everywhere.

During all kinds of food delivery, Chinese food delivery companies would be a noteworthy trend in the industry. Overseas Chinese is a huge market, as over 55 million population located in different countries. Furthermore, due to the specific taste, Chinese always have an obsessiveness for the traditional Chinese cuisine, the quality of dishes becomes significant for them. Giant food delivery companies, such as Deliveroo, DoorDash, and UberEats, have choices of Chinese restaurants, but as the menu is English, most Chinese cannot fully understand the meaning of the dishes, making it difficult to make an order. Thus, there are some Chinese food delivery companies, specifically targeting the overseas Chinese market, and know better how to satisfy consumers.

HungryPanda is one such name that is gaining immense popularity for providing Chinese food to Chinese individuals overseas. The food delivery company has taken advantage of the explosion in the global food industry to grow immensely. The company was founded in 2017 and now supports customers in 47 cities across six countries to ensure they find authentic Asian food away from home.

In Australia, HungryPanda began operations in early 2019 and now operates across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, with a large volume of Chinese consumers. Except for the regular business, the company has also begun to focus on the development of social responsibility. As consumers may notice, riders or drivers of each food delivery company are all contractors. Through this method, they can choose to work for one or several platforms and to decide how many hours they will work each day. Only in 2020, HungryPanda has already provided work opportunities to more than 2000 locals in Australia, with a direct economic value of over $15 million. The company also supported more than 3,000 restaurants and stores, helping them connect with consumers and boost their businesses.

To better serve for those riders, the company also provides a higher wage compared to the industrial standard and offers them unscheduled benefits. For example, in the last Chinese New Year, the company sent New Year gifts to riders, including traditional Chinese spring couplets, dumplings, and other relative stuff. Moreover, to reward them, the company also plans to elect excellent riders in different regions and awards them with extra bonuses and better income.

In the meantime, the company sent more than 100,000 health packages, including face masks and sterilization supplies, to Chinese students, to provide consumers with safety and ease their homesickness.

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