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Flosstradamus Makes History With World’s First Ever Smokable NFT

Published on April 22, 2021

Flosstradamus has collaborated with multimedia production studio Blunt Action to present the world’s first-ever smokable NFT. Blurring the lines between reality and NFTs, Flosstradamus’ latest 420-friendly venture is a hybrid audiovisual art piece that smokers can own both digitally and physically. Collectors will be ecstatic to immerse themselves in the “Genesis Experience” as they come to realize the many concealed aspects of the release. An early pioneer for the landscape of digital art and its investors, Flosstradamus is reshaping how the world sees NFTs and Crypto-driven art.

“This is an experience, when I first learned about NFTs it almost seemed like the borders of creativity were open again. I was in an era with music and art where I started to feel boxed in and when the NFT space started to open up it felt like I could do anything and the possibilities were endless. I wanted to push the boundaries of the NFT and lead by example of how we can expand this area” – Flosstradamus.

On April 19th, A “420” edition digital art piece was sold at a rate of $4.20, making the release accessible to anyone and everyone. Encrypted with hidden features, the interactivity alone allows buyers to become a part of the experience itself. On April 20th, the 3/3 collection minted on the Ethereum comes equipped with a digital visual asset paralleled with a HDYNATION Electronic Vape. The highest bidder of this one-of-a-kind auction will receive a Chrome Plated HDY-VAPE tailored to heighten the smoking experience for both THC and CBD users. Incorporating the modern-day technology of portable vaporizers with a universal serial bus (USB) port, the “Genesis Experience” provides you with a one-of-a-kind item.

“It is truly incredible where the digital art space is headed. It has been a pleasure creating the artwork for the first smokeable NFTs with Flosstradamus. At the start of the collaboration we all knew we wanted to create and design animations that have unique and surrealist vibes, with an iconic element to them. The hotbox car felt right to represent the perfect blend of our styles, and we took it from there. Throughout the creative process, we both brought so many mind-blowing ideas to the project and we’re proud to present the final product for collectors and the world to enjoy “ – Blunt Action.

Flosstradamus, American DJ and musician Curt Cameruci, is credited with pioneering the music genre known as “trap.” At the time, the marriage of dance music, and hip hop, gave birth to a new era of music. Touring all over the world and performing at top festivals for the past 12 years, Flosstradamus and his massive fan base, HDYNATION, have made an imprint on pop culture in music, tech, and the cannabis industry.

For more information, visit the auction site here.

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