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Flipping Houses in Real Estate Made Easier With Justin Colby

Published on April 29, 2021

Flipping is the process of buying a house by a real estate investor and selling them for profit. With over fourteen years of expertise, Justin has flipped over 1700 houses in multiple markets and is now a mentor/coach of ambitious real estate investors. More so, people consider him as one of the best trainers in real estate.

Getting into House Flipping
Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English, Justin became interested in real estate following a connection he had with a friend whose dad was a developer. He found a mentor who helped him kickstart his career in real estate, and to his surprise, he exceeded his expectations in his performance. He trains on all-around flipping of houses to turn you into a professional realtor. Here is why it’s easy to start flipping houses.

  1. Easy setup
    You do not need any of your own money or credit to get started. Wholesaling is the quickest way to get into the space of flipping houses. It really boils down to marketing and conversion. Find the deals and convert them. At that point, you have options of how to exit the property.
  2. Lucrative
    Flipping houses is highly profitable as you get to renovate a home to give it an elegant look. The extravagance will influence the price you put on the property for the end-consumer. It thus brings in a considerable income. Realtors could buy old homes at a meager cost and improve their value, and therefore enhancing the profit.
  3. Ability to flip houses with insufficient amount
    If you have insufficient funds for the down payment, you can still flip homes. Some of the best alternatives are wholesaling. When wholesaling, you are selling an opportunity to purchase a house without holding the title. You will be acting as an intermediary, and thus you only need an assignment fee.

With Justin Colby, you can let go of your worries of making wrong real estate decisions. He is competent with an admirable personality. Follow him on Facebook and keep up with his teachings on his website.

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