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Five Ways Loyal Fitness is Raising the Bar on Athletic Clothing Lines

Published on June 04, 2020

When Louis Gleize founded Loyal Fitness in 2014, he was looking for a way to support people as they ditched unhealthy habits and turned to a more active lifestyle. His answer was to create an athletic clothing line designed to encourage people along their journey, make them feel good as they worked hard toward their goals, and remind them that everyone has the ability to change their lifestyle for the better.

When Gleize, who serves as president of Loyal Fitness, launched the company’s first athletic collection in 2016, the response was overwhelmingly positive and the pieces sold out quickly. Today, Loyal Fitness is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world.

Here are five ways Loyal Fitness is setting a new standard in the athletic apparel industry:

A focus on giving back. Loyal Fitness is strongly committed to charitable causes. A portion of the proceeds from each and every purchase is donated to UNICEF, an international charity dedicated to providing the world’s most vulnerable children with the water, nutrition, medical care and protection they need to grow and thrive.

A unique vision reflected in its logo. As a brand, Loyal Fitness encourages people to achieve their personal goals and provides the support they need to stay loyal to that goal by offering fun, high quality, and inspirational athletic wear. The company’s logo reflects this vision. The crown was chosen to represent becoming the king/queen of accomplishing personal goals and the “L” was selected to encourage people to stay loyal to their quest for success. Overall, the logo is intended to be a symbol of accomplishment, support, and loyalty.

A strong presence in social media. Loyal Fitness ships to 100 countries globally. With customers hailing from all over the world, the company keeps in touch by being active on social media, especially Instagram, where it posts the latest entries to its clothing line. Gleize loves interacting with customers directly @loyalfitness and @louisgleize. Many customers seize the opportunity to rave about the fitted nature of the shirts and the comfort of the entire line as they workout. Loyal Fitness has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram.

A commitment to quality. Located in Montreal, Loyal Fitness produces high-quality products and offers them at the best prices to its customers. Gleize said he wants customers to fall in love with the brand beginning with their very first order and continuing with every order placed thereafter. Before products are shipped, they are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are free from defects or any other potential issues. Only the highest caliber of materials is used to produce comfortable and sporty hoodies, T-shirts, jogging pants, shorts, hats, and more.

A fun and stylish collection. Loyal Fitness wants its customers to feel fabulous when they wear their clothing. Whether they are working out or running errands, Gleize said his goal is to have people feeling confident, strong, and inspired in Loyal Fitness apparel.

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